How to Shop the Sensational and Outstanding Surf City Market


One of the ephemeral pleasures of summer is getting to shop farmer’s markets. When you are home, a simple farmer’s market filled with incredibly fresh, just picked produce is more than enough to satisfy. After shopping there you can come home with your arms full of the plumpest and juiciest tomatoes, the sweetest peaches, and plums that are just running over with deep purple and honey colored juice. 

When you are on vacation, a farmer’s market is also a source of delight. It is so much more fun, though, to shop a farmer’s market that is also an arts and craft market! Well, guess what? That is exactly what we have here for you in Surf City! That’s right, the Surf City Market is filled to the brim with beautiful, just harvested produce, local homemade condiments and other delicious delicacies, and lovely handmade local crafts such as jewelry and adorable signs. To help you shop this delightful gem called the Surf City Summer Market we have compiled a little marketing guide for you! 

Come Hungry

Did your mom ever tell you to not go grocery shopping hungry? Well, when you come to the Surf City Market you don’t want to heed that advice. For there are just too many delicious delicacies to be savored! Don’t believe us? Then check out their Facebook page! Even better, go visit the market yourself!

Are you in the mood for something sweet to snack on while you walk around, or maybe a decadent something for dessert to bring home to your lovely Surf City rental with you? Well, there are vendors serving up just such delights! If you desire a little something to enhance a meal, then look no further. Vendors sell incredible homemade condiments, just like grandma’s preserves. But that is not all! There is so much more, for everyone of every palate.

Be Ready to Cook

Of course, being a farmer’s market, the Surf City Summer Market is filled with gorgeous, fresh, luscious produce. Do you long for peaches that taste like the summer sun dancing over the hills of Georgia? Or a plum that bursts in your mouth with cool, refreshing, sweet juice that is fit for a queen? Maybe you wish for corn so sweet you would think it was sugared. 

Whatever you are looking for, whatever you desire, you are sure to find something to satisfy your cravings at the Surf City Market. Just be careful, though - those luscious tomatoes that you purchase just might not make it home, what with you being hungry and all.  

Get Ready to Have Your Imagination Sparked 

When you walk into a craft store, or through an art fair or an art show, do you feel rejuvenated? Reinvigorated? Inspired? Then you will be thrilled with delight as you take a jaunt through this Surf City Market! For not only are there vendors with booths overflowing with delectable produce and fabulous homemade comestibles, there are also beautiful handcrafted goods. Think, home decor, charming signs with witty sayings, pieces of artwork, and so much more! 

Now that your appetite is whetted for just one of the delights that we have in store for you here in Surf City, it is time to make your vacation plans! Check out our lovely vacation rentals, which provide you with the perfect place to stay as you soak up the delights of Surf City. 


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