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How to Stay Safe at the Beach

There aren't many things that are as fun as a Topsail Island vacation! We have beautiful beaches, excellent dining, and all the peace and serenity you could ever want. While we want to make sure your family has the best vacation ever, we also want it to be safe! Read ... View the full post »

The Perfect Guide to Our Awesome Vacation Rental Amenities

Topsail Island is loaded with fun, exciting things to do... but what's there to do at your vacation rental? Dive in with us as we check out the numerous amenities that make our Topsail Island beach vacation rentals awesome! Swimming... View the full post »

Let's Eat! Topsail Island's Best Restaurants

Let's be real... who doesn't look forward to vacation eating?! Part of the fun of going on vacation is getting to try new foods and not having to worry about eating super healthy. If you want the local insight on a few of the best restaurants around Topsail Island... View the full post »

The Exciting World of Topsail Island Dolphins

Dolphins! They're beautiful, fun to watch, and almost magical. Topsail Island is the perfect place to spot dolphins enjoying the ocean and your oceanfront rental lets you do that from the comfort of your own balcony. Dive in with us as we explore the intriguing world ... View the full post »

Have a Blast with These Awesome Beach Games

We all love relaxing on the beach with absolutely nothing to do and not a care in the world, but sometimes you need a little friendly competition in the sand! Beach games can be super-fun and they're something the whole family can enjoy. Keep reading to check out a fe... View the full post »

Exciting Things to Try On Topsail Island This Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and we hope you've already got your Topsail Island vacation booked! If not, check out our available vacation rentals and start planning today. While you're relaxing on our little slice of paradise, give a few (or all!) of these a ... View the full post »

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Plan Your Topsail Island Vacation

Haven't booked your 2022 Topsail Island beach vacation yet? No worries! Winter is the perfect time to start planning your beach vacation for several different reasons. Keep reading to find out why, and learn a few tips along the way. It Helps Yo... View the full post »

Feel the Love: Our Best Valentine's Beach Quotes

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to start feelin' the love than with a few great Valentine's beach quotes? We all know that Topsail Island is super beautiful and the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, so if you haven't booke... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About Starfish

Starfish are beautiful, mysterious little creatures that are sure fun to look at. Did you know starfish can often be found along the shores of Topsail Island? It's super cool and exciting when you discover your first one, and what better place to go on the starfish hu... View the full post »

The Best Topsail Island Inspired Seafood Recipes

When you think of Topsail Island, three things probably come to mind... sun, sand, and seafood! There is something special about enjoying fresh, local seafood during your beach vacation and we've got the best Topsail Island inspired seafood recipes that will have your... View the full post »

10 New Year Resolutions to Bring More Joy to Your Life

Wow! Can you believe the new year is almost here? 2021 has flown by and we are excited to start a new year here on Topsail Island! Here at Coastline Realty, we believe in living a happy, healthy, and joy-filled life, and what better way to kick-off the new year than ... View the full post »

5 Festive Beach Christmas Quotes To Make You Jolly

   5 Festive Beach Christmas Quotes To Make You Jolly It’s that time of year again… “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” If you love the beach and Christmas as much as we do, what better way to celebrate than by combining your two most ... View the full post »

Why a Topsail Beach Rental Gives You the Best NC Vacation

Have you ever wondered why people choose to stay at a Topsail beach vacation rental year after year for their family vacation? It's because they give you the most vacation value for your money! But that's not all. Here are a few more popular reasons why a Topsail ... View the full post »

5 Fabulous Shelling Tips for Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation

Searching for seashells on Topsail Island never gets old! Every time you step out onto the sand, new discoveries await you. It's the perfect pastime for all ages. The best part is that you get to stroll the pristine beaches of Topsail Island each and every day in sear... View the full post »

How to Have a Fabulous Holiday Away on Topsail Island

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy the holiday season this year? Maybe you need a change, a refresh, a restart, or just a getaway during some of the most hectic times of the year. Topsail Island is the perfect place. Whether you're celebrating Thanksg... View the full post »