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Fun Facts You Never Knew About Topsail Island

There is something special about Topsail Island. It’s a magical place to visit with its own unique history and identity. However, many people just think of Topsail Island as a world-class vacation destination. This week we pull back the curtain and share... View the full post »

5 Reasons to Love Fall on Topsail Island

To be honest, we all have a favorite season. Some of us love the heat of the summer, others the cool brisk winter breezes. For many of us though there’s only one season, fall! There is nothing like fall on Topsail Island. Don’t get me wrong, summer is great, spring is ... View the full post »

10 Beach Quotes that Will Warm the Heart this Fall

Fall is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great time to visit Topsail Island. In fact, many will tell you fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Topsail Island. The crowds have thinned, the temperatures are amazing, and the... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About Crabbing on Topsail Island

Do you love getting outdoors and trying new things? If you do, then you will love crabbing on Topsail Island, NC. This fun, family-friendly activity is not only a great way to see the local area, it is also a great way to spend time with family and friends... View the full post »

How to Make the Most of Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation

You’ve booked your Topsail Island Beach vacation. You're counting the days till the start of your vacation. Now is the perfect time to do a little planning. Topsail Island offers visitors a huge variety of activities and adventures. Whether you have ... View the full post »

How to Have the Best Topsail Island Golf Vacation

If you love golf, then you probably know about North Carolina’s golf community. For decades North Carolina has been one of the most sought after destinations for golfers and Topsail Island is the perfect beach destination for the avid golfer. Our locatio... View the full post »

Awesome Topsail Adventures You Do Not Want to Miss

Are you craving an adventure? Is it time to step out of your comfort zone and explore something new and exciting during your Topsail Island beach vacation? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this is the blog post for you. This week we have some ... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Your Dog

If you are like most dog lovers, you can’t imagine leaving your dog behind while on vacation.  The good news is here on Topsail Island you don’t have to! This week we have all the best information on how to enjoy your Topsail Island beach vacation... View the full post »

Plan the Ultimate Topsail Island Destination Wedding

Are you recently engaged? Have you found the perfect location for your upcoming wedding? If you are looking for a truly magical place to celebrate your special day, then this post is for you. Topsail Island, NC is a picturesque location that has all the sm... View the full post »

How to Have The Perfect Rainy Day on Topsail Island

Topsail Island is a beautiful place to visit. Our famous sun drenched beaches and family-friendly atmosphere has made Topsail Island a favorite destination for families for generations. When traveling with kids on the beach a parent's worse fear can be... View the full post »

How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag for Topsail Island

A day at the beach is what a Topsail Island beach vacation is all about and planning your day requires a few details. One thing you need is a beach bag. It’s a time honored tradition to search for the perfect bag. After all, a day at the beach requires a... View the full post »

The Best Summer Events of 2019 on Topsail Island

It’s almost time! What time do you ask? Time to break out the sunscreen, throw on those favorite flip-flops, and grab the kids and head to Topsail Island for your summer beach vacation. As you know Topsail Island is a great family-friendly vacation desti... View the full post »

10 Reasons a Topsail Dunes Condo is the Perfect Destination

The best vacations begin with an unforgettable destination. If you are looking for that unforgettable destination, then you need look no further than Topsail Island, NC. Of course, to have a truly memorable vacation you also must have incredible accommodat... View the full post »

Save Big When You Book Your Next Topsail Island Beach Vacation Direct With Coastline Realty

In this day and age it's getting harder and harder for consumers to know when they're getting a good deal. We've all seen the advertisements for online bookings agents, like HomeAway and Airbnb. They seem great on the surface, guaranteeing low rates and great c... View the full post »

10 Awesome Quotes to Get You In the Topsail Island State of Mind

Let's face it. Life is better at the beach. The beach is the perfect place to recharge, calm the soul, and enjoy time with family and loved ones. This week we have ten quotes to help keep you in a beach state of mind. Remember, however, vacation dreams can come true wi... View the full post »