#1 Book to Take to the Beautiful Beach This Summer

#1 Book to Take to the Beautiful Beach This Summer 

Toes buried in the sand. Sun streaming over you like a crashing wave, seeping into every window in Surf City. Peaceful, rhythmic waves crashing against the shore and calming all your senses. Doesn't this make a lovely picture? And the book in your hand only heightens the intense enjoyment you are experiencing beside the sea. 

When was the last time you read a book, just for fun? In the middle of the afternoon? (Business books or self help books don't count!) It has probably been a while, hasn't it? Which means your vacation in Surf City is the perfect time to remedy that. After all, you should have lots of time to rejuvenate yourself in a book while on vacation, right? 

Books are perfect portals into beautiful worlds, and they cost so much less than a plane ticket! We have the perfect beach read for you to stow away in your beach bag this summer as you savor Surf City. Check it out - we know you are going to love it!

The Book: The Summer House by Jenny HaleThe Summer House

Have you ever had an experience that was so painful - so life changing - that it made you shut yourself up inside your heart rather than risk more heartbreak? And then, someone came along who was so kind and warm and genuine that you thought you might risk your heart on them - open up and let them get a peak inside at the real you. Until they turned away from you…or at least seemed to? What was your reaction then - did you do something to repair your relationship? Should you? 

This is the story of Callie's life in the beautiful, feel-good romance The Summer House by Jenny Hale. Abandoned by her father as a child, Callie then had to go through the pain and confusion of her mother withdrawing from her. Later in life, Callie could see that this was probably because her mother didn’t know how to deal with her own pain and sense of betrayal. But at the age of 9, all it did to Callie was make her afraid that anyone who knew her real self would withdraw from her. Leave her. 

All grown up, and just abandoned by her last boyfriend, Callie makes a huge life decision with her best friend (and one of only two people she has let into her life and her heart since her parents abandoned her). They decide to renovate a beautiful bed-and-breakfast in a charming sea-side town in the Outer Banks together. After all, what better place to start over is there than by the sea?

Callie thinks this is the perfect solution to her life! What could make it better? She's sworn off dating and love after all of her heart breaks, after all. She just doesn't have the time anymore, not with this new project. Or so she tells herself, until she literally runs into a local celebrity while out trying to grab a bite of lunch. Handsome, engaging, perceptive - he begins to stir feelings within her that she wasn't expecting. Feelings such as comfort rather than anxiety while on a "first date." Feelings that make her want to open her heart to a man once again. And she is not sure that she is ready for that. 

Just as Callie is getting comfortable with the idea that maybe Luke is the Prince Charming who has come into her life to stay, a secret she uncovers while renovating her bed-and-breakfast threatens all that she has come to hold dear…and depend upon. Will she and Luke be able to get through the heart wrenching times thrust upon them? 

You will have to read The Summer House to find out! 

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