5 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Spring Beach Refresh for Your Home

Warm sunshine. Brilliant blossoms. Sweet, twittering of birds. It is the most beautiful time of year! A time of renewal: renewed energy, renewed sunlight and longer days, and a renewed desire to decorate!

Spring is in the air! The renewed vigor of this time of year often turns our minds to spring cleaning…and decorating! Which means that right now is the perfect time to refresh your home’s decor for spring! That way you can take a little bit of your favorite Topsail Island vacation home with you! And don’t worry - when you follow our 5 spring beach decorating steps, your home’s spring refresh will be as easy as letting in the refreshing spring breezes!


1). Bring in the White

Spring smells fresh. The light is brighter. The clouds go from grey to white. Bring that same light into your home with fresh, crisp whites. White slip covers over your couches. Fluffy white comforters and beautiful white matte lace on your beds. A white table clothe on your table. Crisp white spa towels rolled up in your bathrooms. Sheer white drapes. Bringing this airy whiteness into your home makes it feel like the fresh air of spring is blowing through your house day and night.

2). Lighten Your Sea Foam Greens and Blues

Bringing in bright, light, airiness into your home with very light sea foam green and blue (rather than the darker, more dramatic versions that you gravitate to in summer and fall) will bring spring into your home without you having to change your color palate. Just pull out your lightest sofa pillows and throws, and wash and pack away the dark, winter versions. Put your fresh-from-the-farmers-market flowers in a green glass vase. (The beauty of sea foam green is that any color of flower looks amazing next to it!) Another idea to bring light, springy colors in your house is to put light blue bars of soap in your bath. After all, it is the little touches that make the presentation perfect!

3). Pops of Cool Crispness


Of course, if you only have pale, airy, light colors…your home will begin to transition from beach-y to ethereal! Now, maybe that is the look you are going for, and if so, skip this step. However, if you want to have the perfect spring vibe, it is now time to put in a few pops of cool and crisp color. While you don’t want a whole, dark blue throw, you might want one front-and-center throw pillow on your bed in a jewel toned blue hue.

4). Bring in the Bounty of Spring


The best way to bring in the vibrancy and color of spring, while still keeping your home light and airy and breezy, is to bring in fresh flowers! Of course a stunning centerpiece is in order at this time of year. And a few blooms beside the beds. Then get creative! Put a little bud vase in the bathrooms, or a whole fresh orchid - they will love the humidity. Brighten your book shelf with a short vase of rich blooms. Set a shallow bowl of water on your coffee table and float petals or the whole heads of flowers on the surface.

5). Don’t Forget the Scent


One of the great beauties of spring is how powerfully and beautifully it is scented! Bring that beautiful, refreshing scent into your home through fresh flowers! And through literally airing out your house (while you do your spring cleaning and decorating refresh!). Another great way to bring the lovely aromas of spring into your home is through beautiful scented candles (just make sure you blow them out before you leave the room!) and through defusing essential oils.

With these 5, easy tips you will be able make your own home as springy and refreshing as your favorite vacation home!

What is your favorite way to bring spring into your home? Let us know below!



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