How to Have the Best Spring Break With the Whole Family




Laughter bouncing off of the walls. Sunshine glinting off your little girl’s curly blond hair as she dances barefoot through the lapping waves along the beach. Can you guess what time it is? It is time for a Spring Break and a Topsail Island vacation rental! 

Can you believe that it is almost Spring Break? Are you so ready to take some time off with your family? Have some fun in the sun; time that is purely for play? Of course, you might also be harboring a little trepidation, depending how many active children you have who will be home for Spring Break. Which is why you need to get away this Spring Break for a beautiful, relaxing vacation where there is lots of fun things for every single member of your family to enjoy, together. And that is exactly what we have for you here in Surf City, NC! Let us show you just how every member of your family can have fun on Topsail Island while avoiding the rowdy college kids. 


For Your Pre-SchoolerPre-School and Elementary-Schoolers

Little children are quite simple in their needs for entertainment. The beach is the perfect playground for them. Watch them experience sand with wonder, possibly for the first time. They will laugh and play, running with squeals from the lapping waves. And, of course, they will adore picking up shells. 

For Your Elementary-Schooler

Your elementary aged children will adore playing on the beach too. They will want to build sand castles, draw pictures in the sand, and identify the different shells. Plus, they will love wading into the water and searching diligently for crabs, seaweed, and fish! Of course, they might like to do a few things off of the beach, too. Which is why we have a grand miniature golf course! And who doesn’t like putting over bridges and around water falls?

For Your Middle-SchoolerRollerskates

Your middle-schooler will adore the beach, too. They are at the perfect age to try identifying the birds and the wild life that they see, along with the shells that they find and pick up. Your middle-school aged children will also adore the miniature golf with their younger siblings. In edition, we have the Topsail Skating Rink that both you and your kids will love. A trip to the skating rink is like hopping in a time machine and traveling back in time to the glory of the ’70s and ’80s. Even the music is still from that time period, along with the charming vintage boards making up the rink.

For Your High-Schooler

Don’t let your high-schooler’s too-cool attitude fool you. They really do like the beach, and love your involvement in their lives. Or, they will once they are a little older and look back on their teenage years with fond memories. So take them to miniature golf and the skating rink along with your younger children. If you are looking for some older-teen specific activities, though, we do have those too. Check out On Shore Surf Shop in Surf City with your older kids. In fact, you will enjoy paddle board instructions, surf school, and bike rentals.

For YouParents

The greatest delight for you, taking your family on vacation to Surf City, NC, will be watching the joy of your children as they romp and relish their fun. A close second, of course, will be the peace and quiet that new and delightful beach activities for your kids will inevitably bring to you. All parents, though, need a night out. You will absolutely love an evening out at the Beach Shop and Grill. You will adore their fresh seafood and steaks, and their family friendly environment. 

We can’t wait to see you in Surf City, NC, this Spring Break! Come and indulge with us - you so deserve it!















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