How to Create a Valentines Dish To Make Your Love Swoon

The sun streams in your window and warms your bed as you deliciously stretch after a deep nights sleep. A smile creeps over your face. For you know, today is Valentines Day in Topsail! You bound out of bed - from the silence that reigns, you know that you are the first one up in the house, per usual - and tiptoe down to the kitchen to make coffee.

While you pour and sip your first cup of the day, you remember that you had big plans the night before: you were going to make a fabulous breakfast-in-bed treat for the love of your life! But you never set your alarm clock that extra half hour early that you had wanted to in order to ensure you had the time you needed to make the delicious, but complicated, handmade donuts and sweet rolls and the like that you had found inspiring pictures of on Pinterest.

What are you going to do?! You still would love to serve up a perfect Valentines Day breakfast in bed, but cereal really isn’t romantic. Your bacon stash is mysteriously missing (but, what else do teenage kids eat?!). And running and grabbing donuts and other pastries from the nearest donut shop just isn’t romantic enough.

So, what are you going to do?

You are going to use the last of that loaf of sliced bread you always have on hand for sandwiches, some eggs from your fridge (another staple), and some Nutella to whip up the most delicious, romantic, and easy Valentine’s Day breakfast! In fact, it is so easy that you will be able to finish making it before the rest of your family wakes up! Meaning you just might get to have breakfast in bed too before cooking for your kids. What is the dish, exactly, that is this simple and swoon worthy…and that is perfect for your whole family? Nutella and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast, of course! 

This dish is sweet, refreshing (strawberries are always refreshing, and really help keep this dish from becoming too sweet), and also beautiful to behold. And, of course….simple! No matter your cooking skills, this recipe is for you! Check it out below, and indulge in this recipe this Valentines Day with your love - and every morning of the year!

The Recipe: Nutella and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast



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