3 Awesome and Unique Surf City Events You'll Want to See

3 Awesome and Unique Surf City Events You'll Want to See

Spring is hot upon our heals here in Surf City, NC, and we couldn’t be more happy about it! This is a beautiful time of year to visit us, filled with not-too-hot weather, sunshine, flowers, and the warmth you really need to savor the beach. Spring also brings a few fun events to Sunset Beach and the surrounding area.

Of course, Surf City is a gorgeous place to visit for a lot more than the events you can enjoy while on vacation. A beautiful, quiet beach, perfect North Carolina weather, and total relaxation are things that you will always find in Topsail no matter the season. Before we get carried away telling you about the year-round beauties of this special island, though, let’s get into the top three events of this upcoming spring 2017.

Farmer's Market 

Farmer’s Market Opening Day

On April 19th, the Poplar Grove plantation is going to re-open its farmer’s market for the season! Have you ever been to a farmer’s market? It is a delicious, organized cacophony of beautiful fresh seasonal produce, handcrafted wares, local baked goods and jams and jellies. If you like art fairs, craft fairs, book fairs, and food, you will love a farmer’s market!

Every Wednesday - market day - the grounds and outbuildings of Poplar Grove are not only open, they are free of admission. Which means that you can bring your entire family and explore stables, gardens, and grounds before shopping at the farmer’s market. Then, with your bursting, juicy tomatoes, your fresh bread, and your sweet peaches, you can have a picnic before heading back home to your lovely vacation rental.

Fine Arts Exhibit 

Fine Art Exhibit

The evening of this April 20th is a special one in Surf City! And if you are an art lover, it will be a special evening for you, too. The Elizabeth Ann Digital Strategy, LLC is going to host the first Fine Arts Exhibit in Surf City, NC! This gorgeous and talent-filled event will be held at the Surf City Welcome and Visitor’s Center which is located on the beachfront.

This lovely Fine Art Exhibit will be filled with all kinds of artists who specialize in all kinds of different mediums. So, don’t worry, there won’t be just impressionist paintings or works inspired by the classical masters. (Though, there might be those, too, which will be a treat to see!) In addition to all of the lovely artwork that you will get to feast your eyes upon (and purchase, if you feel so inclined), there will also be food and drink for you to indulge in!

 Spirit Run

Spirit Run

Saturday, April 22 will be an exciting day for those who love to run and for those devoted to charitable causes. For, April 22nd is the date of our Spirit Run in Sneads Ferry! The proceeds of the Spirit Run will go to the Warrior Plantation to help send veterans and their families on wellness retreats and family vacations across the United States, as well as help veterans and their families with housing and employment assistance if and when they need it.

We can’t wait to have you come visit us and enjoy these delightful events we have planned for you this spring! Hurry and book your vacation with us now. You don’t want to let the season get away from you!


3 Awesome and Unique Surf City Events You'll Want to See Pin

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