Plan the Ultimate Topsail Island Destination Wedding

Plan the Ultimate Topsail Island Destination Wedding | Coastline Realty Vacations

Are you recently engaged? Have you found the perfect location for your upcoming wedding? If you are looking for a truly magical place to celebrate your special day, then this post is for you. Topsail Island, NC is a picturesque location that has all the small town charm you want, matched with all the resources of a large city. Picture a backdrop of Carolina blue skies combined with an ocean soundtrack. It is a majestic setting that you’ll be talking about for years.  Here is everything you need to know to plan a Topsail Island wedding vacation. 

Marriage Licenses

A quick word about North Carolina marriage licenses. Yes, you have to have one in North Carolina. A marriage license is required before you say yes on the big day. You can do this several days or weeks before you arrive. Plan early and make sure not to forget this step.

Here’s what you need to know about obtaining a marriage license. You can apply for a marriage license in any county, but you will need to return it to that county to have it filed after the wedding. Both applicants must apply in person and be 18 years of age or older. Applicants must provide Social Security cards and pay a fee of $60.00 (cash, certified check, or money order). If you have specific questions, feel free to contact your local county's Register of Deeds. 

Beach Weddings Tips 

Beach Wedding Permits

Great news! None of the three municipalities on Topsail Island; North Topsail Beach, Surf City, or Topsail Beach require a permit. However, the only exception is if you are going to use amplification equipment on the beach in which case you will want to contact the town or police department a few days ahead of time to get a permit.

Beach Access and Parking

The beach access cannot be blocked off or reserved for attendees of the wedding. It is important to have a plan ahead of time for parking, particularly if you have a larger wedding party. 

Know the Tide

It is easy to forget in all the excitement, but the tide is something you will want to consider. Make sure to check out the tidal charts so you know where and when high tide will be. We want you swept away in the moment, not in the ocean. 

wedding checklist | Coastline Realty

Wedding Checklist

In reality, you can make a wedding checklist with a hundred items and you probably should. But this is the beach... and whether you are having a small gathering of your closest friends on the beach or inviting your closest five-hundred friends there are a few critical items you need to have to make sure the day ends in an "I do" and not a disappointment. We've all been to weddings, and no matter how well you plan your event things can get overlooked. Here are ten essential items that are wedding planner worthy.

Invitations- A wedding planner mentioned a wedding nightmare. The new couple forgot to send out the invitations. It just slipped through the cracks. Hey, it happens.

Marriage license- Let's face it, without this nothing happens. Sadly, couples forget this important step all the time. 

Restrooms- Beach vacations can present a challenge, but not having restrooms for guests isn't one you want. Make sure to take this into account when planning a beach wedding.

Photographer- Make sure to interview your photographer to discuss the pictures you want well before the big day.

Parking- Check to make sure there is plenty of it, and that if you have a really large crowd someone is able to help park the vehicle or otherwise manage all the comings and goings.

Rings- We've all seen it happen in the movies, but it does happen in reality as well. Make sure to have one person who is in charge of keeping up with the rings.

Reserve Your Location Early- Nothing is worse than having the perfect mate and being unable to have your wedding at your dream location because you didn't book early. Don't forget to book your Topsail Island rental at the same time.

Food- Great food makes for a great wedding, so make sure you've considered the menu carefully and interviewed your caterer. Food can be a big expense, so planning early is helpful for the budget. 

The Dress- Make sure to have someone in charge of the dress to make sure it is clean and actually at the wedding destination.

Minister- Whether you are having a justice of the peace or a religious wedding, make sure to give them a friendly reminder a few days ahead of time. One nightmare story shared with us was the minister forgot to arrive. It was an honest mistake, he just forgot.

Ocean's Edge Event Center at St. Regis Resort on Topsail Island | Coastline Realty

Topsail Island Wedding Venues

Topsail Island has several locations that host weddings. Of course, it all depends on the size and style of wedding you are looking to have. However, from big to small, there is a location to suit every wedding on Topsail Island or the surrounding area. Here are just a few popular choices to consider.

St. Regis Resort- The Ocean's Edge Event Center, located at St. Regis, is perhaps the perfect beach wedding location. Why? Visitors can enjoy beach access, loads of amenities and the view is incredible. We have condo units in all sizes... so attendees and members of the wedding party can stay right on location for all the wedding festivities. Check out all our St. Regis rentals by clicking here.

Beachfront- As noted above, all of the municipalities that make up Topsail Island allows weddings on the beach. For the true beach lover, saying yes with your toes in the sand is the ultimate wedding experience. When planning a beach wedding, consider a condo like Topsail Dunes for your base. For the wedding party, it is especially convenient to be able to walk out the door right to your beach wedding. Everything you need is just a few steps away in your own condo.

Inlet 790- This beautiful oceanfront venue is a wonderful location. Inlet 790 also has full service catering available for either on or off location weddings in the area.

Historic Assembly Building- Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, this sound-front location has the capacity to make your special day even more special with up to 250 guests. The building is ideally suited for a reception or even a ceremony.

Surfside Center, Surf City- This 1,800 square foot oceanfront facility offers a great location for your Topsail Island beach wedding. It even includes a 650 square foot oceanfront patio.

Poplar Grove Plantation, Wilmington- Poplar Grove Plantation is an old peanut plantation that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This picturesque wedding location is close to Topsail Island and offers attendees a unique opportunity to enjoy one of Wilmington’s best locations.

North Shore Country Club, Sneads Ferry- This beautiful venue, set on an immaculate golf course, is a wonderful location for larger parties who want a more traditional country club setting. The club offers a wide variety of services and is ideally located just minutes from Topsail Island. 

Here are Coastline Realty Vacations we love Topsail Island and we’re sure you will too. Choosing Topsail Island as your wedding location is just one more way to make your special day even more memorable.  

Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas to make your wedding planning a little less stressful. If you have any questions, remember our friendly staff is here to assist you.

Coastline Realty Vacations offers the best Topsail Island beach vacation experience in the area. Weddings are a special day. Let us have the honor of helping you find the perfect vacation home to start your new life together.  

Plan the Ultimate Topsail Island Destination Wedding | Coastline Realty Vacations

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