Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Your Dog

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Your Dog | Coastline Realty Vacations

If you are like most dog lovers, you can’t imagine leaving your dog behind while on vacation.  The good news is here on Topsail Island you don’t have to! This week we have all the best information on how to enjoy your Topsail Island beach vacation with your favorite four-legged friend. Remember Coastline Realty Vacations is committed to everyone in the family having a great Topsail Island adventure (even the four legged ones!) Grab your pooch and let’s get started. 

Find the perfect home.

Before we start planning what your four-legged friend needs lets first find the perfect Topsail Island vacation home. Here at Coastline Realty Vacations we have a wonderful selection of vacation homes to choose from.  Our inventory includes condominiums offering clients loads of amenities and incredible views at a great value. 

Coastline Realty pet friendly rental Escape to Zanadunes | Coastline Realty

A quick reminder of our pet policy

We love guests with pets. However, it is important that you rent a vacation home that allows pets. It is the tenant’s responsibility to make sure you rent a pet-friendly house.  All pet-friendly homes require a non-refundable pet deposit. Violators of this policy will be subject to immediate eviction without refund of occupancy fee or damage deposit. Fines will apply.

Save money on boarding fees

There is nothing more stressful for the mom and dad pet-owner than leaving their loved ones at a kennel. Sure many of them now have cameras and fancy rooms. However, let's face it, there is just something missing when your four-legged friends are not around. Why spend the hundreds even thousands of dollars, on boarding your pet in an unfamiliar place when you can bring them with you on vacation? Save money, enjoy your pet on vacation, no extra vaccines, and the peace of mind you get when Fido is there with you. These are just a few of the reasons your dog will love a Topsail Island beach vacation. 

Helpful tips for traveling a pet-friendly Topsail Island vacation

Know the local rules

Regardless of where you decide to stay on Topsail Island, there are a few rules that you need to follow. All dogs in all three municipalities on the island require your dog to have a current rabies tag. Dogs must also have an identification tag with pertinent contact information. Remember this is another good reason to pack a copy of your pups latest rabies vaccine.

Our leash laws

Each of the three municipalities on Topsail Island have their own ordinances and leash laws. The basic thing you need to know is that all dogs must be on a leash while on any of the area beaches. Owners can be fined for violating this ordinance.

Surf City-Requires a leash length not to exceed 10 feet.

North Topsail-Leashes cannot exceed 25 feet if retractable.

Topsail Beach-Dogs must be on a leash 20 feet or less in length while on the beach from May 15th through September 30th. 

Help keep the beach clean

Nothing is worse than stumbling across a little treasure left behind by Fido. Not only is this disgusting, but it is also inconsiderate and can even spread disease. Remember to bring plenty of dog waste bags if you are going to be on the beach, or anywhere for that matter with your dog. Help us keep Topsail Island beautiful 

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Tips for introducing your dog to the car. 

Take a practice run- It sounds crazy but you can’t expect your dog to just jump in the car and head out on a four-hour road trip the first time. Sure there are some dogs that seem to be born to ride. However, many dogs need to to ease their way onto the road. Take your dog on short trips to build up their confidence and comfort level with riding in the car.

Challenges of puppies- Puppies are fun and cuddly. We all love them, but when you travel with them there are some things to consider. Remember puppies may be new to the car, they might still be potty training, but the benefits of the socialization are well worth it.

Stop often- When you’re traveling with your dog its important to make a lot of stops. Dogs, just like the kids need to take frequent bathroom stops. It is also important to exercise your dog during these stops. Remember a tired dog will travel better.

Make it fun- Dogs love to be rewarded, and rewarding good behavior is the first step to making your dog love the car. Give treats and praise when your four-legged friend behaves in the car. Stay positive don’t raise your voice and, of course, never hit the dog. Dogs have short memories. You are far more likely to get your puppy or dog to behave by reinforcing good behavior.

Five things to bring on your vacation.

1.  Bring your dog’s favorite toys- Anything you can bring that’s familiar to your dog will help your dog adjust to his/her new surroundings during your Topsail Island vacation.

2.  Plan for an emergency- Bring your dog’s medical records. An easy way to do this is by taking a picture of any critical records and keeping the picture on the phone.  Vaccination records are particularly important.

3. Medications- Many of our furry friends are just like us and require certain prescriptions. Make sure you’ve brought the necessary prescriptions to avoid the inconvenience of refilling them on the road. 

4. Blankets/Bedding- Even the cleanest dog can shed or get into things. Remember to bring an old blanket to put on the couch or bed. No need having additional cleaning costs.

5. Leash/Leads- Letting dogs roam free is not an option on a vacation property. Make sure to pack a leash and you might want to pack a lead for times when you are outside and want to allow your dog a little more room to wander. 

If you and your dog are ready for an awesome Topsail Island beach vacation, then now is the time to start planning your late summer or fall vacation. Our friendly staff of reservationists is here to help all your Topsail Island dreams come true. Call today at 800-497-5463 or click the button below to see our pet-friendly homes. 

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Your Dog | Coastline Realty Vacations

Plan your topsail Island vacation!

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