How to Give Mom Her Favorite, Easy Gift in Surf City

How to Give Mom Her Favorite, Easy Gift in Surf City





Long, sleepless nights of comforting and rocking, walking the floors with a screaming baby. Sacrificing her body and her diet for over nine months. Unconditional love. These are the gifts that mothers give their children. What have you given your mother recently? (Or, your wife, if your children are too young to give a gift on their own.) 

When you think of a gift for your mother (or wife), what do you think of? Do you envision jewelry? Roses? Chocolate? Great! She is sure to love those. But that is not enough. Not for Mother's Day, at least. Chocolate and roses should be for every day, "I love you" moments. No, what you need to give your mom this Mother's Day is much more intangible and beautiful. And that is the gift of time. Time with you, and the rest of her family, in Surf City, NC. 


Why Time?Family Time

Your mom put in countless hours raising you, loving you, kissing away your bumps and bruises, rooting for you in school and on sports teams. She shuttled you between after-school activities, and she hosted your birthday parties and play dates and sleepovers. In fact, she gave up her own pleasure, maybe even her own career (and if not her career, then all her free time outside of her office hours), in order to give you the best life possible. All this she did without a complaint. And without asking anything of you in return (except that you grow up to be responsible and well mannered). She certainly didn’t ask for personal thanks. 

But that is exactly what her heart craves. The heart of a mother craves thanks! She doesn’t expect, and probably won’t even think about wanting it. When she does receive thanks, though, it delights her beyond measure. The gift of time - something so precious to you and her because no one can ever make more of it - shows her more than words just how much you appreciate all of the time that she has given up for you over the years. 

Make the Most of Your Time

Since time is such a precious commodity, invest it well over the Mother’s Day weekend, just like your mom invested her time well with you over the past years. Don’t spend your time on cleaning, or even on big excursions. Instead, spend your time on the beach. Savor the feel of sand beneath your toes during an early morning stroll, coffee in hand. (And, unless your mom desires to sleep in late on Mother’s Day, make sure you are up bright and early with her to savor every second!) Go out to brunch and fill the minutes with memorable conversation rather than dirty dishes stacking up to be washed. 

Topsail Island rentals are the perfect oasis of quiet and calm that the mom in your life is longing for. While the island does have tasteful shops and restaurants, it isn’t filled to bursting with commercial distractions. Which means that you are ensured a vacation without pesky temptations to run to the store or pack in endless hours of concrete sightseeing. 

When you stay at one of our beautiful Topsail Island rentals you will get to savor the intangible pleasures of the waves, the wind, and the sky. Without interruptions. Now doesn't that sound like a good investment?

Continue to InvestMother Time

Mother’s Day in is the perfect opportunity to invest extra time with your mom. However, don’t let that be the only day of the year that you invest time into your relationship with her. After all, you wouldn’t deposit money only one day a year into a savings account, would you? So, make sure you give the mothers in your life the same curtesy, and invest time with them throughout the year. 

We can’t wait to see you during your Mother’s Day in North Carolina! Vacations are a wonderful time to invest time into your relationships with your family. Just remember to keep investing throughout the year! Book with us now to start that lifelong investing process. 



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