What Books are You Indulging in at the Beach?


So, what is in your beach bag as you pack to come to one of our stunning Topsail Island vacation rentals? Is it something with a little bit of history, a little bit of mystery, a few pirates, and a whole lot of light hearted fun? If that sounds like your type of read, then read on! For we have found the perfect addition to your beach bag for you this summer! 


The Book: Scones and Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery) by Laura Childs

Scones and Bones is the 13th book in the fun-filled Tea Shop Mystery series, all of which are delicious reads (literally, as they are filled with tea and recipes), written by Laura Childs. This cozy mystery is set in the beautiful and historical city of Charleston, SC. Theodosia Browning, the main character, owns a charming little tea shop and runs it with two of her very good friends. Active in the local community, especially the Heritage Society, her days are full already. When mystery and murder are in the air, though, she makes time to go gallivanting off after suspicious characters. 

This time around in Scones and Bones, Theodosia is attending the Heritage Society’s Pirates and Plunder show along with her friend and master tea blender, Drayton. Right under these local amateur detective’s noses, a murder is committed! A poor young college boy is fatally stabbed to death while a stunning historical treasure is stolen. 

This historical treasure that was stolen is a fabulous diamond-encrusted cup that was fashioned from the skull of the pirate Blackbeard himself! All of Theodosia’s pirate-besotted neighbors are suspects. As Theodosia works to sniff out the thief and the killer, she also stumbles into a new romantic encounter. Of course, there are also ample tea breaks and delicious kitchen creations whipped up. And Theodosia’s cook even deigns to share some of the recipes. 

On a more accurately historical note, there really very likely was (or is!) a a silver plated cup, or punch bowl, fashioned from Blackbeard’s skull. Several reputable sources report drinking from the cup, or knowing those who did, as recently as 1989. If you would like to read more about the facts of Blackbeard’s life and the conversion of his skull, you can read the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s write up about it here. And if you would like to purchase a copy of Scones and Bones to bring to the beach this summer as an indulgence, then check out its listing on Amazon

Hurry and plan your beach side Topsail vacation! You need a summer indulgence - a time to escape and relax. Some time away from daily life is never too much to ask. 


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