3 Exciting Things You Didn't Know About Topsail


It is always fun to find out new things about the places we love, vacation at, and maybe even call home. No matter how well you know a place, there is always something new to find out about it. Just as you will never completely know a person, no matter how close you are to them. 

Before you come and indulge in a stay at one of our Topsail Island rentals with us, discover a little something new about this delightful vacation spot. It will only enhance your stay here! And "here” is definitely a place that you want to be, basking in the warmth of the summer sun while the cool of the lapping waves caresses your feet. Book now with us - don’t postpone that vacation that you so richly deserve a moment longer! 


Some Fascinating Public People Have Called it Home

Did you know that Rolanda Watts calls Topsail home? Though born in Winston-Salem, Rolanda grew up spending her summers on Topsail Island. This is where she really felt at home, her baby (and then child) feet softly pattering over the sand as the waves tugged at her lengthening legs. As she grew up, moved away, and became a TV newscaster and radio talk show host, she never forgot her roots. When she would go back "home” to vacation she would write at the beach. As she grew to love her characters, she decided to do something with her novel. This novel which Rolanda Watts released this spring, Destiny Lingers, is set in Topsail, taking her back home to her roots. 

Rolanda Watts isn’t the only public figure to have called Topsail home. The producers of a well-known TV show once lived in some of our very own condos. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. 


Did You Know This Was Filmed Near By? 

Most all of us remember the Andy Griffith show. And a lot of us also remember the show that shared a leading man with said show: Matlock. Did you know, though, that Matlock was filmed in Wilmington for its last three seasons? Why, the producers even stayed at Villa Capriani, one of the the condo complexes in which you yourself can stay! 

Not only was Matlock filmed near Topsail, but so was the hit TV drama One Tree Hill. Again, this drama was filmed in Wilmington, just as part of Matlock was. There are many other great films and TV shows which were filmed in North Carolina, but most of them were filmed a bit further away from Topsail itself.  



You Just Might See a Turtle!


Now, this shouldn’t be too much of a shock. After all, Topsail is on the coast. But whenever you see one of these cute creatures, you are sure to be delighted! It will feel as if you stepped into a scene from Finding Nemo. Topsail is a breeding ground for sea turtles, and often in the spring you can find one of their nests, the miniature baby turtles pouring out of it. The turtles are protected, so please look but don’t disturb them! You can see some at the Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.



So, when you come next to our lovely island of Topsail and stay at one of our beautiful Surf City rentals, or other charming Topsail rentals, discover new and exciting stories. Mysteries, secrets, and just interesting facts abound wherever you look! Book now for a fascinating vacation with us. 


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