A Cool Dog's Guide to the Best Vacation Ever in Topsail



We all love our four-legged friends, those sweet creatures who wag their entire bodies when we get home, desperate to lick our face, or even just our feet. Always loyal, always loving, our dogs need a vacation too! Also, sometimes we are just gone on vacation for too long to want to leave them behind. 

So, when you bring your adorable and loving pets along with you on one of your next North Carolina vacations, make sure you help them have a "cool dog’s” vacation. To ensure that you can do this, we have provided you with a guide below. Bring your sweet and loving pet along with you for a fun doggy vacation and indulge the whole family with time away from home. 

The Beach

Just as the beach is the biggest attraction for you when you go on a beach vacation, it can be for your dog, too! Has your sweet pooch ever experienced sand? Imagine their delight when they get to run over the cool, hard packed sand that the tide just relinquished. Or their bewilderment and curiosity as they attempt to run through the shifting piles of soft, fluffy sand much further up on the beach. 

Dogs are allowed on the beach in Topsail so long as they are on a leash that is no longer than 10 feet, no matter how well behaved they are. Just think of all of the fun exercise that this means you will get, too, as they pull you along behind them while they explore their new surroundings. Pleas do be aware of all of the beautiful native wildlife around you, and be especially careful that your dogs do not disturb any sea turtle nests. And, of course, please come prepared to pick up after the doggy member of your family! 

The Fish Markets

While you are taking your walk along the waterfront, you will be reminded constantly by your puppy that he wants to chew, chew, chew (and eat!). Which means it is the perfect time to take your pooch to the fish markets! So head on over to Surf City Crab for some delicious fun.

Of course, you will have to leave your dog outside of the market itself, but he certainly won’t be too disappointed once you come out bearing all of the delicious seafood you pick up for both your family and your canine! Surf City Crab has the best fresh, local, wild caught sea food in Topsail. Think fish and shellfish that you can watch them unload from the boat! When you bring back your findings and whip up an incredible dish right in the comfort of your own vacation rental kitchen, you are sure to be thrilled with your experience! 

The Park

All dogs need some off-leash time, no matter how much they love to sleep indoors and take leisurely walks with you. This is where the Surf City Bark Park comes in handy! They have both a small-dog park and a large-dog park complete with shade trees and fun park "equipment" for your puppies to run through and climb over. 

Bring the canine members of your family with you when you come to the beautiful beaches and calm scenery of Topsail Island for you next vacation! That way your entire family will be ensured a fabulously fun time in one of our beautiful homes-away-from-home. We can't wait to see you this summer, pooch and all! 


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