How to do a Spot of Vacation Book Hopping



Vacations. And books. They go so perfectly hand in hand. After all, you have so much lovely leisure time on your hands when you are on vacation. (Or, hopefully you do! After all, that is what vacation is all about. Or should be, at least.) And there is no better approach to a delightful beach vacation on Topsail Island than planning on lying on the beach in the sun, a cool drink next to you, and a stack of your favorite beach reads at hand you. 

Our Topsail Island vacation rentals are the perfect place for you to relax with your favorite read and just let your brain unwind from all the stress and run-around that your work weeks leave you with. So, instead of bar hopping on your next vacation and drowning your cares, pick up a lovely book, immerse yourself in it, and watch your cares wash away naturally. 




First You Have to Pick Out Your Book

Are you one of those fascinating people who carries books with them everywhere, always hoping for a chance to nip a bit of a read? It is so easy to carry books around with you now-a-days, what with all the e-reader devices and e-reader apps for your phones. Why, you can even write a book on the go with the help of your phone! If you are one of the people who always has a book with them, then you mostly likely won't need to go browsing for a book while on vacation, but you might want to anyways! If you don't always have a book on you, then you will need to pop into a book store while in Topsail, won't you? 

In Surf City there is a charming little shop called Bumblebee Market. This charming local place contains delightful gifts and keepsakes, lovely clothes, toys for children, and handmade chocolates. On top of it all, they also stock the odd book! Now, what could get better than books and chocolate and the beach? If you need a wider selection of books and are willing to drive down to the southern tip of the island, then there is Quarter Moon Books.







Reading In

When you go bar hopping, sometimes the best place to start is right in your own bar. And so it is with books, too. Sometimes the best place to enjoy your book is right in the comfort of your own home. In fact, that is often the case. And your Topsail vacation rental is the absolute perfect spot in which to lounge with said book as you while away the lovely long summer afternoons. All of our properties have delightful living spaces, and bedrooms, where you can stretch out with your books!

If you love soaking up the sun (and if you’ve come to the beach on vacation then that means that you probably do) you can take your reading outside! We have some lovely beachfront properties where you can just step outside of your back door onto the soft warm sand or a high patio with a view - which ever you prefer. Of course, you can also just take your blanket down to the sandy shore and indulge in a seaside read. 





Or Reading Out

Of course, if you go bar hopping, you eventually go out. Which is exactly what you do, too, when you go book hopping! While book stores, such as the above mentioned Bumblebee Market and Quarter Moon Books are great places for a little bit of browsing, it is truly lovely to get out and read when you have the temptation of a delicious and caffeinated beverage to draw you out. The Brown Dog Coffee Company and Sears Landing Grill are two lovely places to go out for breakfast and a steaming (or chilled) coffee. If you would like to look at more delightful breakfast and coffee shop options for you to go out and read in, then you might want to check out this blogpost here.

Vacation is the absolute perfect time to relax and unwind with a good book. Instead of trying to let go of your stress via bar hopping this coming vacation, why don’t you try a little book hopping instead? (Or, book hopping and bar hopping combined, whatever you wish to do.) Read in, read out - whatever you do, relax! We can’t wait to have you come and visit us! Hurry and book your vacation now, and let your cares sail away in Topsail!  

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