5 Fun Things To Do in Topsail This Labor Day

5 Fun Things to do in Topsail This Labor Day 

Can  you believe that the unofficial end of summer is just around the corner? We can’t! It seems as if summer has just begun. But, it is true - Labor Day is nearly here. Which means that we have a long, three-day weekend that is just perfect for a vacation! 

And what better place to take one of the last possible North Carolina vacations of the summer than in Topsail?! We have compiled a list of 5 delightfully fun things for you to do in Topsail over this Labor Day weekend to help make your vacation planning a breeze. Hurry and book now! It’s not too late for you to have the summer vacation of your dreams! 

Patio Playground 

1). Take the Kids to the Patio Playground

Labor Day weekends, and Labor Day vacations, are the perfect time for good, wholesome family fun and family time together! An excellent place for such fun is Topsail Island, of course. But on Topsail itself, there is a lovely little retro putt-putt golf course dating from 1955. A DJ on Wednesday nights plays oldies music there, and on Friday night there is a dance party to go along with the golf. Of course, you go any time of the week to just golf there. 

 Skating Rink

2). Enjoy the Skating Rink With the Whole Family 

In keeping with the retro theme, you might want to check out this skating rink in Topsail! From the mid 20th century, it still has its original floors, original skates, and even the original music! It is like stepping back in time via a time capsule. An excellent place for family fun, you can strap on your skates, dance to the music, and have rollicking and rolling laughter with your loved ones. 


3). Take a Walk on the Beach

Vacationing in Topsail gives you access to the best Labor Day weekend activity imaginable: the beach. Yes, that’s right. Playing in the sand. Building sand castles on the beach with your children while you build corresponding castles in the air. Then, warm from the sun, you all splash about in the waves beneath an afternoon sun, diving into the water and pretending to be Nemo and his friends. Then, after getting cleaned up and enjoying a delicious dinner, you all take a walk beneath the sparkling stars, sharing conversation, laughter, and building memories. 


4). Wind Down with Grooves in the Grove 

If it is a musical celebration that you are looking for, then you might want to check out Grooves in the Grove at Poplar Grove Plantation. Every Sunday in September, including the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, there is live music on the plantation grounds. Picnicking, dancing, and general good time are encouraged. On the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, Mojo Collins and Band will be performing, bringing 70’s inspired guitar music to you.


5). Indulge in Some End of Summer Delights 

Of course, what would vacation be without indulging in some delicious summer food? It just wouldn’t be complete, that’s what! And, as the unofficial end of summer, it is the perfect time to have one last lovely summer barbecue! Think, fresh seafood, beef, lamb, and chicken kabobs, pasta salad, potato salad, and fresh green salad. Celebrate the end of this delicious time of year with a spread fit for a Thanksgiving! 

We can’t wait to have you come and spend your Labor Day vacation with us! Topsail is the perfect place to have one last summer fling with your family, with our family friendly environment and vacation rentals. It’s not too late to make the family bonding vacation of your dreams happen! So book now, and take advantage of every opportunity that you have to love your loved ones! 


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