Top 5 Reasons Topsail is the Place to be This Summer

Top 5 Reasons Topsail is the Place to be This Summer 

Can you believe that it is almost summer?! Well, officially summer begins in a moth, but as we all know Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer. Which means that you have just enough time left to begin planning your summer vacation. But if you put it off any longer you just might be too late. Haven’t booked your summer vacation yet? Well, then here are the top 5 reasons why you need to throw out all other North Carolina vacations ideas an come to Topsail Island, NC!



1). Peace

We live in a harried world. The clock seems to tick twice as fast as it did when we were growing up, and there are never enough moments in the day to complete everything on our to-do lists. No matter how hard you try, tasks just keep piling up. You feel like you are drowning. You have to get out, do something, anything so you can breath!

Instead of running to the cookie jar or your secret chocolate stash (and definitely instead of putting in more and more hours in and out of the office) you need to take a vacation! That’s right, your rising anxiety levels will be hugely reduced through a little time off when you do have the space to catch your breath. To rediscover joy in your life. Topsail Island is the perfect place to find this peace you so desperately need in your life. This stunning stretch of coastland is free from the rampant commercialism that is part of what is driving you crazy. Which means you get to focus on the sunset. The sunrise. And the therapeutic sound of the ocean.

A Pristine Beach 

2). A Pristine Beach

Part of what makes Topsail Island so beautiful is its pristine beach! After all, between the sand and the undulating expanse of endless water, your eyes have the space to stretch and relax, allowing tension to seep out of your body. Think about all of the beautiful, relaxing walks you can take barefoot on the beach (after stepping down into the soft warm sand from your own front porch when you stay with us in one of these amazing vacation rentals). Picture the beautiful sunsets you can soak up, your favorite drink in your hand. Imagine the gorgeous images you can capture on camera or on paper, if you are into photography, sketching, or writing.

 Wild Life

3). Wild Life

A pristine beach, filled with all kinds of gorgeous and peaceful vistas, also means that there is an abundance of wildlife in and around Surf City and Topsail Island. Think gorgeous shells (the discarded homes of intricate little sea creatures), sweet song birds, water fowl, fish, and marine life. In fact, Topsail Island is a nesting ground for sea turtles!



4). Recreation

All of the sea life near Topsail and Surf City means that the fishing is excellent! The Surf City Pier is an excellent place to cast off from. Plus, there are lovely golf courses near by. Of course the beach is always perfect for playing volleyball, for jogging, and also for swimming! And as summer gets warmer swimming will probably be the preferred activity for every child in your party (and maybe adult, too).

Family Time 

5). Family Time

Family time is one of the things you regret not getting enough of when you are doubling down on your hectic to-do list that is driving your crazy schedule. Because Topsail Island is such a peaceful oasis, free from most rampant commercialism, you will have the space and the time to dream with your children and laugh with your partner. You will get to make memories. And spend distraction-free time just soaking up peace and space and beauty. Plus, the family friendly recreation available to you on Topsail means that you will get to all do things together, as a family.

Doesn’t all of this sound absolutely lovely? Like the vacation you have been dying for just as a parched marathoner pants after water? Then book with us now. Don’t let another minute pass by without planning the vacation you and your family so desperately need.

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