Make Wonderful Memorial Day Memories in Topsail

We have just celebrated Mother's Day with our wonderful families, and now it is time to think about Memorial Day! With the three day weekend and the beautiful weather that the end of May brings, Memorial Day is the perfect time to leave our normal crazy schedules behind and take a relaxing beachside vacation. And there is no better place for a beach vacation than Topsail, one of America's most beautiful beaches. 

We can't wait to have you hurry on out here for Memorial Day. There is so much fun to be had in Topsail no matter what your mood is, whether you want to spend the entire time on the beach, enjoy a little bit of indoor fun, or just savor the local culinary delights. 

As the weather turns warmer and the sun and blue skies beckon you to get outside and forget all your cares, it is time to hit the beach! This Memorial Day is the perfect time to do just that. After all, you already have a three day weekend, and it is very easy to turn it into a four day weekend of fun in the sun. And Memorial Day is all about getting outside, spending time with family away from the TV and the office, and just relaxing and eating and all around having fun. 

Ranked among the top 20 most affordable beaches in the US, Topsail is the perfect family vacationing spot. An island, located just off the coast of North Carolina near Wilmington, Topsail was only accessible by boat until after World War ll. At 26 miles long, we have miles upon miles of pristine beaches for you to enjoy, all the way around the island. Beaches that were once witnesses to pirate darings-do. Which is one thing that should get your kids exploring the beach this Memorial Day! Besides the rumored pirate treasure, we have some wonderful marine wildlife off our coasts for your kids to keep an eye out for, such as our sea turtles.

We need a break from all good things, even the most marvelous of beaches. And here in Topsail we have the perfect indoor activity for the entire family this Memorial Day: Topsail’s Missiles and More Museum. This museum portrays the fascinating military history of Topsail. During World War ll, the entire country became involved in the Allied war effort. Both all of the citizens as well as all of the land. Topsail was no exception. The museum details Operation Bumblebee, the top secret missiles project that was carried out on the island right after WWll, as well as the WASPS training that took place on the island along with many other historical events that took place here.

After the museum, there are other lovely indoor places to enjoy, such as Quarter Moon Books, where you can sip coffee and read books in the morning. You can also shop for clothes and other unique, beach inspired gifts. Depending on the time of day, you can also relax with a much needed glass of wine while you browse the intriguing collection of books and your kids enjoy the fun finds in the shop.

Of course, Memorial Day is only complete if it is filled with delectable food! All our beautiful properties come equipped with full kitchens so that you can concoct any smorgasbord of potato salad and hamburgers and watermelon that you wish. Of course, if you so desire, there are wonderful options for eating out on Topsail so that you can take a much needed break from cooking. For example, The Beach Shop and Grill serves delectable hamburgers for lunch - a Memorial Day staple - as well as wonderful seafood dishes such as Shellfish Mac n' Cheese and Yellow Fin Ahi Tuna for dinner. If you feel like something more casual, and beer is your thing, then the Home Port Restaurant and Pub might be perfect for you. 

We can't wait to have you spend this Memorial Day with us in the beautiful coastal paradise of Topsail Island. Hurry and book your trip now! Memorial Day is creeping up on us ever faster. In Topsail you can make sure that you have a family vacation that will leave you rich with memories. 

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