Make the Best Burgers on Topsail Island

 How to Make the Best Burgers on Topsail Island

Juicy, smokey, cheesy, and spicy. Just how do you like your hamburger? We think that the hamburger is the quintessential summer meal. A meal which is versatile enough to be turned into a feast to satisfy anyone! Just think about all the versions of the hamburger that are out there. Miniature sliders. Simple and classic burgers. Cheeseburgers. Bison burgers. Barbecue burgers. Stuffed burgers. You name it, and you can find it. This summer our favorite burger is the Jalapeño Cheddar Burger! Gooey, cheesy, with just a hint of heat, this burger is the elevated cousin of a cheeseburger. Once you try it this summer, you will want to eat it all fall and winter, too! And what better time to try your hand at making these incredible burgers than when you are vacationing in one of our stunning Topsail Island vacation rentals? So come and visit us, for one last summer fling! And while you are here, make sure you try these incredible hamburgers.  


The Recipe: Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers 

Jalepeno Cheddar Burger Recipe Card 


How to Make the Best Burgers on Topsail Island

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