Do You Want Warm Southern Charm at the Perfect Beach?

What is your dream vacation? Is it a vacation on the beach, with fun places to shop and delicious restaurants to eat at all within nearly walking distance? Do you long to wake up on the beach, able to see the ocean every morning? Or maybe you would rather wake up right next to your favorite little coffee shop and breakfast eatery, before taking a leisurely walk to the beach? No matter what  you want, you are in luck! Our Surf City rentals have something for absolutely everyone! 

We have gorgeous homes situated directly on the beach, as well as condos and townhomes available in the heart of Surf City with easy walking access to all kinds of shopping and restaurants. Our rentals come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. No matter what you are looking for, we have something to make your vacation perfect! Take a peak at all we have to offer, both rentals as well as all kinds of fabulous activities! 


We Have Beach Homes Galore

Do you long for a home on the beach? A place where you can hear the waves lapping at the shore in the middle of the night through the open windows? And where you can step off of your back porch directly onto the warm, shifting sand? We have some fabulous Surf City rentals for you then! 

We have large family homes, where you have space enough for everyone to have their own bedroom. Or, if you are trying to have a family reunion, you could have a few children per bedroom and fit all of the relatives in! If you are looking for a quite, private family vacation on the beach for just you, your partner, and your children, then we also have gorgeous and charming cottage options for you. All of our homes are tastefully done in colors reflecting the surf and the sand and are trimmed out in white. True Southern charm with a coastal flare! 



As Well as Condos and Townhomes 

Do you desire a beautiful, sophisticated, low maintenance townhouse or condo, complete with a balcony high in the sky? A place that is just up the street from your favorite local bakery, coffee shop, and dinner restaurant? Such a place is a retreat perfect for those who love to wake up early in the morning for a steaming cup of delicious joe or for those who like to stay out all night soaking up local color and nightlife. 

We have several gorgeous condos and townhouses that are perfect for you! Located in the heart of Surf City, they are again themed in peaceful sea tones. They are the perfect size for a young couple or young family who wants to get away for an active vacation. A vacation where you are splashing in the ocean with your toddlers and then indulging in a delicious (and possibly long) dinner out before walking home under the stars. 



Our Best Asset That Every Home Shares

One thing that we know is in your vacation dreams, whether you want a large rambling house, a classic beach cottage, or a contained and relaxed condo, is the beach! All of our relaxing vacation rentals have easy access to the most gorgeous beach in America (at least we think it is!). Plus, all of our lovely Surf City rentals have easy to access to Surf City itself! Surf City is a gorgeous town full of delicious breakfast places and tasty dinner spots for every palate range. You can look at this blog post if you would like to read more about places to get breakfast and brunch in Surf City. And if you would like suggestions for even more things to do while you visit Surf City, you can check out this information page that we have here.

Surf City is filled with Southern charm, from its laid back vibe to its cozy and delicious coastal cooking. From the charming town itself, filled with good eats and lots of fun, to our lovely Surf City rentals, we have everything here for your dream Southern beach vacation. So hesitate no longer! Hurry and book now to begin the vacation of your dreams!


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