Top 10 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day in Topsail

Top 10 Ways to Spend Mother's Day in Topsail

Mother's Day is just around the corner! You want to pamper mom and give her a fabulous day all to herself, but you don't want to do the same old same old that you have done each year. Instead of showering Mom this Mother's Day with chocolates and jewelry and gift cards, take her on a fabulous Topsail get-away! 

We have compiled the perfect list of delightful things for you to do so that you can give Mom an event-filled Mother's Day this year on the beautiful Topsail beach. It will be a weekend your entire family will never forget. 

Mom has to jump out of bed and hit the ground running every day of the week just to be able to stay on top of all the house work and laundry and kids, not to mention her job too. She rarely has the time to savor a morning, sipping on coffee or tea and just soaking up a beautiful view. This Mother's Day, give Mom the luxury of waking up leisurely, sipping on her favorite got beverage while strolling along the beach relaxing to the soothing sounds of the ocean. 

After her relaxing walk on the beach, take mom to a delicious, sweet breakfast at Hunga Bunga Java. This local Topsail coffee shop has been serving up unique and delicious drinks such as the Topsail Turtle and the Bigga Bamboo for the last ten years. Not only does Hunga Bunga Java serve up delicious espresso drinks, they also offer delectable local baked goods from Sugar Island Bakery. This local family owned and operated bakery creates everything from scratch, every day. 

After all that sugar and espresso, it is time for the kids to run off all of their pent up energy! Or at least putt it off! So head on over to the Patio Playground located on S Anderson Blvd. Here the kids can play putt putt to their hearts content. And then imbibe more sugar at the ice cream shop located there. 

After the kids have been fully indulged in putt putt and have the patience for a little shopping, take Mom to Bellavie. This charming shop, just a few miles away from the beach within the city limits of Surf City, is full of beachy finds from shell and coral inspired jewelry to aqua and coral hued clothes. Sourced from budding designers all over the country, the styles that you will find at Bellavie are both trendy and yet unique. Open from noon till 5 PM on Sunday's, this boutique is the perfect place to find something with Mom that allows her to take home a personal (and wearable) memory of the beach. 


With just coffee and fabulous baked goods for breakfast it's now time for lunch! A lovely little rustic yet chic spot is The Village Cafe. With daily lunch specials, this is the perfect place for an afternoon repast. You can get anything from mussels or coconut shrimp as appetizers to a salad for lunch for health conscious mom, to a hamburger for the kids. And, the menu is of course packed with delicious seafood entrees, such as baked cod and fish and chips if you are feeling more than a bit peckish. 

Now, what could be more relaxing for mom than a spa treatment? There is certainly no one who deserves one more! After all, she wears herself ragged every other day of the week taking care of everyone in the family. So check out Costal Massage and Bodywork, the perfect place for Mom to recharge both her mind and her body this Mother's Day. There, she can get a custom facial, a full body massage, or both Mom and Dad can get a couples massage if they can get away from the kids for an hour. Or, take advantage of one of their Mother's Day specials, which have been created with a fatigued mom in mind who is in desperate need of pampering. 

Of course, a Mother's Day afternoon just wouldn't be complete without a bouquet of flowers to brighten up the start of the evening. So, after she has gotten all relaxed and pampered at the spa, present Mom with a stunning bouquet of flowers from Surf City Florist.

After Mom has oohed and ahed over her flowers, it is time for dinner. The whole family can enjoy the Beach Shop and Grill. Open right now from Wednesday through Sunday, this charming American restaurant is a familiar landmark of the Topsail area. Though the restaurant itself only opened in 2002, it began as Warren's Soda Shop in 1952 where the proprietors sold delicious hamburgers and hotdogs. The handcrafted hamburger is still on the menu, along with rustic, low-country inspired dishes such as the signature Shrimp and Grits with Andouille Sausage and the Mile High Key Lime Pie.  

If Mom is more into cocktail parties than dessert, the perfect after dinner treat is a Kentucky derby themed party! While the Poplar Grove Plantation hosts one the Saturday before Mother's Day, you can create your very own party with mint juleps and this authentically southern pecan bar recipe.

The most perfect way to end a day of pampering, relaxation, and fun is to take in one of Topsail's rich sunsets with someone you love. So, stroll hand in hand as a family along the beach, the cool wet sand sending delightful chills up through your bare feet while the slowly deepening and disappearing colors warm your heart and complete your day. 

Show mom just how important she is to you this Mother's Day with the perfect beach vacation rather than with a pile of presents identical to last year's. Book your stay with us now! There is no time like the present to plan the perfect Mother's Day for Mom! 

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