How to Have a Fabulous Memorial Day on Topsail Island

How to Have a Fabulous Memorial Day on Topsail Island  

Surprise! It's almost Memorial Day! Which means we have almost arrived at that lovely three-day weekend which just begs for you to take a vacation. A welcome-to-summer vacation that is! For, while the official first day of summer isn't till next month, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer that we all look forward to all year long. Especially on Topsail Island. 

What is your favorite part about Memorial Day? Is it the fact that it is a three-day weekend (and vacation time!)? Maybe you adore the family barbecue tradition, complete with loads of potato salad, coleslaw, and all the delectable desserts that grandma makes so well. Or, maybe, your favorite part about Memorial Day is the day itself and what it stands for. No matter what makes you delight in this holiday, we have a little something for you here in our Topsail Island vacation rentals!



Perfect Vacation Spot

Topsail Island is the perfect spot for one of those dreamy, magazine worthy North Carolina vacations. Think pristine, soft sand beaches. Dunes. Perfect sunrises and sunsets every day. A long stretch of coastline. Water fowl. Abundant marine life. Plus, on Topsail Island, rentals abound! Which means you are guaranteed to find the beach bungalow or refined home to suit your every need and desire. 

Not only is Topsail known for its pristine beaches, abundance of marine life, and incredible fishing, it is also amongst the most affordable beaches in America! Now, doesn’t that news make a beach vacation even more tantalizing this Memorial Day? Check this article out to see what we are talking about. And then check out all that we have to offer here


Family Fun 

Perfect Family Day Fun

Now, when you think of Memorial Day, besides thinking of taking some much-needed time off and indulging in a budget friendly family vacation, do you think of fun in the sun and barbecues? Of course you do! If you favorite part of Memorial Day is all the (beach) volleyball, grill perfected food, and friendly back-yard banter, then we have all the ingredients in our Topsail Island rentals to make that dream come true! 

While we have rentals that are perfect for a young family who wants some peace and tranquility to themselves, we also have beautiful beach-side rentals that are just the right size for a large extended family to come and spend some much-need quality time together. Plus, our well-furnished kitchens are stocked with all the appliances and conveniences you need to cut any culinary caper you desire. You put both of these ingredients together, and you come up with the perfect family fun for you and your loved ones this Memorial Day! (Not to mention that we have a beach - a beautiful beach. And you need to be on the beach to start summer off right.) So book with us now while you still have time to plan a Memorial Day vacation!



A Place for Remembering 

Memorial Day has become a much-needed three-day weekend for family and friends to reconnect, go on vacation together, and just relax with plenty of delicious food grilled out-of-doors. And while these are fun and grand ways to spend your Memorial Day, the day itself was created for us to remember the men and women who have so bravely fought and died defending our country’s freedom, from the time of the Civil War through the two World Wars we played such a big part in, to the more recent confrontations in the Middle East. We would not have any of this beautiful land or this fun time off without them. 

So, amidst all the delicious barbecued meats and classic desserts, lets take some time this Memorial Day to honor those who died fighting for our country, and thank those who are still alive and serving today. Have a beautiful, meaningful, and fun Memorial Day! We can’t wait to see you in Topsail Island!



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