How to Play the Best Courses This Fall in Topsail

How to Play the Best Courses This Fall in Topsail

Golf is such a relaxing activity, don’t you think? It combines concentration with the rush of success when you make a beautiful hit. This combination, especially the necessity of concentrating on something other than work cares or other stressors in your life, allows you to clear your mind of all the things that have been weighing you down before you came on vacation. 

While golfing is a delightful activity to engage in at anytime, it is even better on vacation when you can go strait from a stress-releasing round on the course to walking barefoot in the sand along the beach. Our Topsail Island rentals are the perfect launching pad for a delightful and relaxing golfing vacation. Are you ready for a relaxing vacation with us? Have we whetted your appetite for a golfing vacation? Wonderful! Then, read on to discover our five favorite courses near your new Topsail vacation home!

1). Start Off at Castle Bay 

The Castle Bay Golf Course is a beautiful course easily accessible from any of our Topsail vacation homes. It’s a lovely link style course that will be fun for anyone and everyone to play, no matter your skill level. Which means that you can bring your whole family, if you kids aren’t too little, of course, and everyone can enjoy themselves. Plus, the club house restaurant is quite a delightful place to have an afternoon meal once you are finished with your round. 

2). North Shore Country Club Golfing

The North Shore Country Club is another beautiful course to play. One that isn’t too hard, nor too easy. Just right for a relaxing game, without stressing about your work life let alone if your game is up to par. Your whole family will enjoy the course! If you want a slightly greater challenge, go on a windy day - you will never know what will happen!

3). Olde Point Golf and Country Club

The Olde Point Golf and Country Club is a beautiful place. The course, built in 1974, was designed around the natural terrain of hills, wooded areas, lakes, and streams to create a challenging but still enjoyable course. It is a semi-private club, which means that while members enjoy extra perks, the public is allowed to play. Even if you aren’t a huge golf fan (or the person who is accompanying you isn’t a huge golf fan of the sport, such as your wife), this course will be a delight to get out on just with the scenery. 

4). Off to Wilmington and Echo Farms Golf and Country Club

Echo Farms is a beautiful golf course. The softly undulating course is especially lovely during fall, when all of the deciduous trees along the fairway shimmer with brilliant color. It is definitely a spot you will want to check out!

5). Wilmington Municipal Golf Course

The Wilmington Municipal Golf Course is just a plain, good old golf course. Nothing fancy. But you will be able to have a fun afternoon of golf there for a decent price. And, that might be exactly what you want.

Topsail is the perfect place to come if you need a relaxing vacation. Between the therapeutic walks along the beach in the shifting sand, the soft and rhythmic sound of the waves coming in to shore, and the delightful golf courses we have for you to indulge in, you will have the best and most relaxing vacation ever! Hurry and book with us now! You know that you need some R & R! Life is too short to spend it all on a crazy routine.  


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