What our owners are saying about us....

We've been using Bud Rivenbark and his team at Coastline Realty for almost ten years, to manage our vacation rentals. Let me highlight some of their assets as compared to other rental agencies: Their quantity and quality of rentals are excellent; their prompt payment of your rental income at the very beginning of each month is outstanding; and when the need arises that you need an outside vendor to do some repairs in your unit, this team makes sure that you get the best possible price, takes care of all the details for you and they are not "earning" anything on your repair. They manage your property like it was their own. We have recommended Coastline Realty to many friends and they have all been more than happy with their service. - Gary and Terry Livingston
Bud Rivenbark and his staff have represented our townhome for about 15 years. They have always ensured that our rentals have been as abundant as the economy would allow, and are uncommonly responsive to any and all problems that arise. Although somewhat smaller in size than some of the other, mega-agencies on and near Topsail Island, Bud's firm is no less productive in terms of rental occupancy and successful sales. If and when we decide to sell our townhome, we won't select anyone but Bud. Our recommendation is without reservation and couldn't be more complete. - Est of Susan E Beetar Decd Jennifer A Speth Admstrx
We have rented out our unit through Coastline Realty the entire time since we purchased it in 2004. Coastline has been wonderful to work with. I am in touch with the office quite often, since we do both long term and short term rentals. I believe that the agent takes care of the unit like it is their own - cleaning is awesome, any maintance they are right there for me, if an appliance breaks they will pick it up at the store and install it and if a storm comes up they will go out and put the porch furniture inside. Living in Ohio, it makes my job worry free because I know they are there for me, protecting my little piece of heaven. - Judy Beight
I have been renting my beachfront home through Coastline Realty for over 10 years. Bud Rivenbark and his staff really go above and beyond to help me, and to take care of my property. Bud himself has been out on several occasions to check on my property. I have been really pleased with the wonderful renters that we have had over the years. All of the staff are friendly and helpful and quick to respond to any need that I might have. Coastline is a really first rate company. - Janet Owens
We are grateful to the staff of Coastline Realty for the excellent care and attention they give our home at 2370 New River Inlet Road. In the challenging situations created by storm and inlet revision, staff members have worked to protect our guests and our property. Our sincere thanks to all! - Edwin Sperr
It has been greatly reassuring to depend on Coastline Realty for more than ten years to manage our property, "The Breakers" on North Topsail Beach. The rental staff responds well to the needs of renters and is knowledgable when small repairs are needed or questions arise. They are professional, polite, and patient with renters and with the owners. Living several hundred miles away, we can be relatively worry-free about the house being looked after and the unseen details of managing the property taken care of smoothly and proficiently. - Jim Sirbaugh
I have been renting out my townhome with Coastline Realty for several years. They have been very supportive in all factions of renting. My renters seem very pleased with their service. Keep up the good work! - William Sluder
We have rented our home, 1204 New River Inlet Road, through Coastline Realty for over 10 years. It has been a very good experience. The staff knows our house well and is very responsive to us and the renters if issues arise that need attention. We feel this is very important as we live 12 hours away from Topsail. We have many repeat renters and that is comforting to us and a tribute to Coastline's service, as we consider our beach house not only a rental but our home. - James Hitchcock
2013 was my first year with Coastline Realty as my property manager. I can not begin to describe how good it was to know that my property was being managed with such courtesy and efficiency. What was even better to me was all the positive comments that I received from my loyal guests. Thanks for a job well done. - Karen Vaughan
It is with greatest of pleasure that I provide a testimonial on Coastline Realty. I have had them as my Rental Agency for the entire time that I have been an owner, over 25 years. During all of that time, I have received the best service that anyone could ask for. There wasn't a time that they did not come through for me, during a few Hurricanes, they were always there to report what was happening and always keeping on top of things and reporting to me in a timely manner. The staff is friendly, courteous and always ready to assist. I would give Coastline Realty 5 stars! They are the best! - Joanne Blassingame
Coastline Realty and Staff are top notch! We have been customers at Coastline Realty, Sneads Ferry, NC for over 5 years. We have known Bud Rivenbark, the owner, for many more! Bud and his team have the highest level of professionalism, integrity, character and commitment. They make the rental experience for us as well as our guests, exceptional from start to finish. We have received only the highest marks, and feedback from our guests each year and our rental season is always full! It is Coastline Realty and their team that truly make the difference for everyone. We would highly recommend Bud and his team of exceptional people to anyone considering a Rental Management Company for their property and/or in need of rental property for family and friends. Owner- Shipwatch Townhome - Robert & Deborah Gill
We are very happy with the service provided by Coastline Realty. 2012 was a very good season where we rented every week available for rent. If we ever had any problems with the house they quickly took care of them. The agents are very helpful and are a pleasure to work with. Moon Shadow looks forward to a great 2013 season with Coastline. - Richard Walton
We've been using Coastline Realty for over 10 years now. We bought our house through Coastline Realty and had a very pleasant experience with the purchase process. Not knowing how the vacation rental business works, we decided to let Bud and his staff manage the rental of our house. Over the years, we've come to depend on Bud and his staff to take care of our guests and their needs. The staff is very attentive and accessible to both the owners and the guests staying in our home. Their focus on customer service is the key reason why we have Coastline Realty manage our house. Stuart and Cindy O'Day - Island Drive Family LLC
We have been been using Bud Rivenbark and the Coastline Realty team to manage our properties on Topsail Island for three years now, and they have yet to disappoint us. From the very first year our occupancy rate significantly exceeded what our previous managers had been able to accomplish. Our rentals have been fully occupied throughout the past two summer rental seasons and last year well into the fall shoulder season. In addition, Coastline has been very timely in addressing any issues that arise in terms of maintenance/repair or renters- promptly informing us so that we can quickly determine how to proceed. We highly recommend Coastline to anyone looking for someone to handle a beach property rental. - Peter & Annette Ramey
After 7 years of ownership, we recently sold our oceanfront condo at the St Regis Resort. During 6 of those 7 years, Coastline Realty made our experience as easy as long-distance ownership of a beach property can be. Every time I called or emailed the office, I was greeted in a friendly and helpful manner. Questions were answered pleasantly and with good advice. Communication from the office was well maintained. We learned to count on recieving a call every time a storm was brewing in the Atlantic. Coastline Realty always made sure our deck chairs were taken indoors and even checked out the property afterwards. Maintenance issues were always addressed quickly. Coastline Realty kept our property rented nearly every week during the summers. With some discounts and little negotiating,they were able to keep the property full. During our second summer of ownership, we switched to another management company only because that company was onsite. While that management company was friendly, we did not feel the place was kept as clean, and that summer gained the lowest rental income of our ownership. We switched back to Coastline and remained happy with them throughout. All rental management companies are not the same. We were very happy with Coastline Realty and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for beach property management. - Christopher Gilman
Bud Rivenbark was our Realtor 26 years ago when we made a decision to purchase at North Topsail Beach. Over the years we bought and sold several different properties with Bud's help. We were impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the island, sales and the rental market. He was always honest and straightforward with us and we referred friends and relatives to him for their vacation property. Ten years ago I listed my beach condo with his rental management office (Coastline Realty) which I believe is the best "on the beach". The girls in the office were helpful and always friendly. Last month, due to my age, I sold my condo at Shipwatch with Bud's office as the listing agents. Although this closed a chapter in my life after all the good memories of family gatherings with young grandchildren growing up and our family fun times at the beach I felt a little sad. I consider Bud, Cheryl, Janet, Rhonda, Louise, and Julie friends that I will stop to see the next time I visit NTB. I would feel very confident in any referral to these folks! - Virginia Hahn
I would highly recommend Coastline Realty for all your Real Estate needs. I switched to Coastline to handle the rental of my beach house after using another company for many years. The difference is night and day. They are very professional and always on top of things and have been excellent to work with. I like the fact they are a smaller office and you always know who you are talking with. I have been very satisfied and would highly recommend Coastline Realty to anyone. Sincerely, Jack Clem - John Clem
I have utilized the rental services of Bud Rivenbark and his staff at Coastline Realty for many many years. They have always done a wonderful job in taking great care of my condo at Shipwatch Villas. They have continually each year rented out all my available weeks in the summer months while at the same time making sure the property stayed very well maintained. When I decided to sell my property I knew I would use non other than Coastline Realty. I was so pleased with the way everything was handled throughout the sale process. Bud and Julie went above and beyond expectations in securing and following through with the sale. Thanks so much Bud and Julie for being so diligent, considerate and caring during this process. I would highly recommend Coastline Realty to anyone looking for a Real Estate Company to either manage or sell their property. For best customer service on the Island, coupled with honesty and integrity, Coastline Realty is without a doubt the number 1 choice. - James Hahn
Coastline Realty has managed our oceanfront beach home "Almost Heaven" for over 10 years now. I could not ask for any better service. They are always available to handle my needs and I can reach them at a moments notice for anything. Communication is very important to me and they have certainly mastered that. My rentals have increased year after year and through their efforts my house has generated many repeat renters that return each year. I would highly recommend Bud and his staff at Coastline as a rental management company. They are without a doubt the very best. - Alex Paolini
I built my oceanfront home on Topsail Island in 1999 and lived in it full time until 2009. It then became a vacation rental property. I was looking to change rental management companies and Bud Rivenbark/Coastline Realty were highly recommended by many who had serviced my home as well as many neighbors. I signed up with them sight unseen in November of 2019, with the intention of meeting them in March of 2020. COVID then prevented us from making the long trip from Colorado to North Carolina. I was not able to be there to "ready" the house for renters and make sure it was as I left it in June of 2019. Our first rental season with Coastline Realty went perfectly. Many of my previous renters moved to Coastline and were taken care of very well. Bud and his staff helped with necessary replacements and additions of linens, dishes and other similar items in order to get it rental ready. My handyman of 15 years and my service contracts were easily assimilated into the care of my home. We will be back in March of 2021 and I so look forward to meeting Bud and all his staff. - Carol Cook
We have used Coastline Realty for 6 years to manage our beach condo and are happy we chose them. With quick attention to maintenance issues, booking our place solid for the summer, retaining repeat renters, stellar cleaning and great communication, we never had any worries being in Montana for 6 months, knowing we had left our home in the capable hands of Bud and his staff at Coastline Realty. An added plus is the programmable thermostat they installed so we can choose the minimum temp parameters for the AC so that renters cannot try to set the temp so low that it freezes up the unit. They also installed a programmable lock for the entry door so keys are no longer needed and the codes are changed between renters. This is a great convenience for the renters as well as all service vendors and housekeepers. I want to thank Coastline for taking such good care of our home when we are so far away. - James & Virginia Chandler
Bud and his staff do a wonderful job in booking our rental property, keeping us apprised of maintenance issues and communicating with us. They are professional, helpful and creative when necessary. Our home, Hakuna Matata, has been under their care for the past two years and we've had very successful rental seasons. We highly recommend this fantastic group! - Terry Lyons
Coastline Realty has been a real asset for my husband and myself - first time rental property owners. As issues arise with a rental property and the fact that we live in Texas, it is reassuring to know that Bud Rivenbark and his team of hardworking staff are there to take care of things and keep our guests satisfied. They have informed us through weekly inspections of our home after renters leave of any problems. They hire the best people on the Island to repair and replace at record speed anything that needs to be done. Entering our first hurricane season we received reassurance of the plan they have in place to care for our home once again at record speed. I would highly recommend Coastline Realty to anyone looking for a Rental Management Company to take great care of their property. - Dennis & Maureen Dienno
We would highly recommend Coastline Realty for all your real estate needs! Bud and his crew have done a wonderful job managing our rental property for us. We have had the peace of mind knowing that they were taking care of things at our condo throughout our rental period. When we were ready to sell our condo, we knew we wanted to use them again to list our property. Cheryl Moseley was our listing agent and she quickly found us a buyer (within 24 hours!). If you are looking for a vacation management or real estate company, you can count on Coastline Realty to handle all the details and make owning a vacation property a dream come true! Mike and Joan Ziemba - Michael Ziemba
Coastline Realty has managed our property in Topsail since 2002, when we acquired our property there. They are reliable and handle any situations or problems that arise quickly and professionally. Since we are absentee owners, we know we can count on them to take care of our property as if it is their own. Our rentals are maximized every season and have many repeat rentals year after year. We have entrusted our new rental property to them as well. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Coastline for many years. - Robert and Margaret Dolwick
To Coastline Realty and Staff: You have managed our two properties on Topsail Island for two years now. We want to thank you for your professionalism, quick response to our guests and to us for any problems or questions that come up. Communication has always been easy and pleasant and we are thrilled that you treat our rentals as you would your own property. We look forward to many more prosperous years working with you. - Carlo & Diane Cestra
We have been using Coastline Realty for the past 7 years to manage our property. Being a remote owner it is very comforting to know that we have Bud and his team looking after our property like it was their own. The staff is great to work with and very responsive to our needs. Our rental guests have let us know as well what a positive experience they have had with the rental team. - Stan & Beth Sliwoski
Coastline Realty and Bud Rivenbark are ABSOLUTELY the BEST! We have used several other vacation property managers both on Topsail Island (Surf City) and our other oceanfront property locations and NONE have come close to their performance. Not only do they maximize rentals but all the support "behind the scenes" to make that happen is done efficiently and professionally. The support staff is ALWAYS available to take care of your needs as well as those of your guests. Because of this team, A Southern Charm has built a strong rental history and a history of return guests. I would strongly recommend them as your property manager. - Rod & Nancy Jurkiewicz
As a out-of-state owner of a North Topsail Beach beachfront property, we needed somebody local who (a) knows the house, (b) knows the local vendors and works them to task, (c) understands how to keep costs down, but (d) also knows how to make sure that deferred maintenance doesn't accumulate and create bigger problems. Most of all, we needed a manager who would be very responsive to questions. Coastline Realty has met all these needs, and I recommend them to other owners looking for personalized care and attention for their property needs. Steven & Cara Duffield - Steven & Cara Duffield
We are very pleased with the service we receive from Coastline Realty. We have used them solely since we have owned our condo, for five years and have had great rental seasons each year. They are well organized and are responsive to maintenance issues should they arise. We can count on them to bring in the patio furniture if a storm is forecasted. We live in Pennsylvania so it is a relief to know that our beach place is in good hands. Thanks Coastline for the great job that you do. - John & LouAnn Mylott