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Discover Topsail's Turtles with a Walk on the Beach

When you come to vacation at one of America's top beaches, what better thing to do than both enjoy a relaxing walk and see some sea side wildlife?  If you are on a beach vacation, then you must enjoy walks in the sand at sunrise, or at least at sunset, watching the light glowing de... View the full post »

Jump into Spring with the Year's First Culinary Offerings

Your vacation on the beach here in beautiful Topsail would never be a true vacation without delicious, fresh, local food. And no food is more local, nor more fresh, than what you can find at a farmers market and prepare for yourself.  Poplar Grove Plantation Market Opening t... View the full post »

Your Home Away from Home in Topsail

Welcome to Topsail, one of the best beaches in America! When you take a vacation with the family, you want to find a place where you can settle in, relax, and just let your worries flow away with the rhythm of the waves. A place that is a home away from home, without all the stress and cares o... View the full post »

The Living and the Dead: Fossilized Shark Teeth Wash Ashore

Sharks - yikes! They are the biggest scare for seaside vacationers. Unless they are dead and fossilized, that is. Topsail boasts of some fantastic fossilized shark teeth finds, as well as some (mostly) harmless shark species.  Don’t worry, there aren’t many dorsal fins to be found off... View the full post »