3 Places to Soak Up the Beautiful Magic of the Stars

 3 Places to Soak Up the Beautiful Magic of the Stars

Do you remember star gazing as a child? When you gazed up into the twinkling expanse of the heavens it seemed as if anything was possible. You could become, and do, whatever you wanted. In other words, 

you were limitless. 

Would you like to regain that feeling - that perspective? Where there are no limits to the possibilities in your life? Well, guess what? You can! Take a vacation with us in one of our beautiful Topsail Island rentals. And take a few moments to check out at least one, if not all three, of these perfect places for some family star gazing!

The Water

1). Get Out on the Water

It is common knowledge that the farther away from lights you are, the more brilliant the stars appear to your eyes. On the beach in North Topsail is a lovely place to witness the stunning sparkle of the stars. Would you like an even more brilliant view? Well, the perfect place to get away from all ambient light is on the water, of course! 

Imagine taking a sweet, slow cruise out on the ocean in the evening, drinking in the sunset as you pull away from shore. As the stunning brilliance of the sunset fades away into velvety blue-blackness, the stars will pop out in the vast expanse of the sky above you. On this sunset cruise here, you can bring your own champagne, if you wish, to toast the beauty of the heavens. 

The Pier

2). Enjoy the View from the Pier

Now, you might not love getting on the water. Maybe you get seasick. Whatever your affinity for the water might be, an absolutely stunning place from which to view the stars is a pier! After all, you get to be somewhat out on the water when standing on a pier, without actually being afloat in the ocean. 

The Jolly Rodger Pier is a lovely spot from which to view the stars, especially if you don’t mind driving a bit as it is at the south of the island. The view, though, is worth the drive. Unencumbered by land, you can gaze seaward with almost as much freedom as if you were on a boat. With the added benefit of getting to leave at a moment’s notice if the kids get too antsy and try to jump in the water. 

The Beach

3). Take a Walk Along the Beach

Of course, one of the truly best places in all of Topsail, and in all of North Carolina, to enjoy the stunning beauty of the stars is the beach. When you stay at one of our beautiful vacation rentals, you can step right from your front (or back) door and directly under the sparkling canopy. Wake up extra early in the morning, make yourself a steaming cup of coffee, and walk out in the still inky blackness to revel in the stars before you great the sunrise. Or, take a cup of relaxing tea or glass of soothing wine out onto your porch in the evening. Gaze up at the sky as it dances towards you through the brilliant beams of light emanating from the burning stars above. As you walk onto the beach beneath the sparkling light, you will feel as if you are near to floating through space. 

No matter where you decide to view the stars from, take the time this fall for a relaxing vacation with us. And while on vacation make a moment (or two, or three) to just gaze at the stars. Dream. Relish the sensation that anything is, and can be, possible for you. Book your dream vacation now. You deserve a moment of bliss.


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