Discover the Wonderful World of Beach Music

Discover the Wonderful World of Beach Music

When you visit Topsail Island you might hear something that sounds familiar, but just a little different. It isn't your ears fooling you, it just might be the sound of one of coastal North Carolina's greatest treasures, Beach Music. Beach music is a unique sound that is hard to define, unique in its sound and wonderfully coastal. This week we give you a little glimpse into the world of Carolina Beach Music. 

Explaining the beach music sound

Beach music is hard to describe. In a sense you can say that you know it when you hear it. We realize that probably doesn't help you much. The legendary beach music historian Marion Carter defines the sound this way: "It's an aura or sound, a cultural kind of thing, based on "sweet soul"- a style of music by groups like The Temptations, The Radiants, The Four Tops. It's a style of singing where you would never get anything like a scream or howl like Wilson Pickett would've made. It's all controlled, nuanced singing. This is the root of Carolina Beach Music."

Need a little more clarity? Click the link below to hear one of the most iconic bands on the beach music scene. 

A little history of the music

Like any history, the truth lies somewhere within various stories, legends, and facts. Carolina Beach Music, like any art, was really an evolution of sounds and ideas from different artists and areas. It began with the popularity of African American music within the white community in the 40's. There was the beach scene where people felt free to express themselves. And like all great things, there was the timing. 

We could write all day about the history of Carolina Beach Music and where it began, but the legend is that it all started at Jim Hanna's Tijuana Inn in the spring of 1948. It was there that at the request of friends, Jim allowed African American "jump blues" to be played on the jukebox. The kids went crazy for the sound. Establishments popped up from Myrtle Beach up the North Carolina coast as young white patrons adopted the African American sounds of R&B, Blues, and Jazz. These sounds were fused with other sounds dominated by white artists and soon a new sound was created, Carolina Beach Music, a true fusion of cultures, sounds and techniques. 

Some bands to explore

Do you want to hear more beach music during your Topsail Island beach vacation? If you do, we have a list of some of the most influential bands in the region. You can find these and other bands on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Go ahead make a playlist for the road and get in the beach mindset. 

Chairman of the Board, The Embers, Mark Roberts Band, Fantastic Shakers, Band of OZ, Too Much Sylvia, and Hip Pocket                                                                                                  

If you are ready to hear the sweet sounds of music, the ocean and cool ocean breezes there is no better time to plan your next Topsail Island beach vacation. We have a great selection of homes to choose from and out friendly staff is ready to help you find your perfect home. Give us a call today at 800-497-5463 to book your vacation today. 

Discover the Wonderful World of Beach Music

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