Your Guide to the Ultimate Vacation Homes

Your Guide to the Ultimate Vacation Homes

From splashy beachfront rentals overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean to smaller homes all over Topsail Island, one thing is for certain: Coastline Realty Vacations has the best selection of multi-bedroom vacation homes designed with large groups in mind. Open floor plans, extra living areas, lots of private bedrooms, and big dining rooms make it easy to ensure that everyone has a great time on Topsail Island when you book one of these luxury vacation homes. 

Five great reasons to rent a large home

1. Everyone is together

The beach is all about bringing people together. Whether it is friends or family, a gathering at the beach is a wonderful way to get away from it all and relax. 

2. Lots of amenities

Featuring huge kitchens, large living spaces, hot tubs, pools and more, many of our larger homes have all the best amenities you want to have during your vacation on Topsail Island. 

3. Best locations

If we are honest, nothing beats an oceanfront home. The convenience of being able to step out the door and have the ocean just a few yards away is well worth the expense of a large oceanfront home. 

4.  Safety

We all probably suffer from a bit of Covid fatigue, however, it is still recommended that groups only be together if they are family. If you have been vaccinated or have a family that has been around each other, a large family home is a great choice. You can control the environment, cook from home, and of course, be just a few feet from the beach. 

5. Hotels make no sense

The bottom line is that hotels have few amenities, no kitchens, are crowded and can't compete with the luxury of one of our beautiful homes. Besides, if you are planning a large family gathering, who wants to be in separate hotel rooms? Think of a larger vacation home like your own private oasis. 

Two ways to share the cost of a rental among families

When booking one of our larger homes for a family gathering you may be wondering how best to share the expense. Homes like our "Forever and a Day" have nine bedrooms and can sleep twenty-six people comfortably. But how to share this expense? There are two easy ways that we suggest you consider within your family. 

1. Split the vacation rental by room- The simplest way to split a large family vacation rental is by the number of rooms. This works even if each family is a different size and is perhaps the fairest way. This method is simple. Simply divide the cost of the rental by the number of rooms. Then each family pays for the number of rooms they are going to use. 

2. Split vacation rental expenses by person- Another easy way to split the costs is to simply divide the rental by the number of people. This doesn't take into account the number of bedrooms each family/party is going to use, but it is a great way to divide things up in a simple and easy manner. 

Tip- Remember to purchase Travel Insurance for your reservation. This is the only way to protect yourself against unexpected losses. 

Coronavirus protocols

Did you know that all of our properties are cleaned to the highest industry standards? We also have some enhanced Covid protocols that we have put in place to ensure that our properties are cleaned even deeper. Many of our larger homes (such as Seasons in Sand, shown here) participate in our special sanitized treatment making them ideal for your next family gathering

Are you ready to book your Topsail Island vacation home? If you are, now is the perfect time to put in that time off request at work, make a call to one of our reservationists and book your summer vacation home today. 

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Your Guide to the Ultimate Vacation Homes

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