Why There is Something Special About Christmas on Topsail Island

Why There is Something Special About Christmas on Topsail Island

Christmas is just a few weeks away and here on Topsail Island the holiday spirit is in full swing! It seems like each year the holiday season comes faster and earlier. If you’re looking for a new holiday tradition, or maybe you already love Topsail Island in the summer, you'll love a Topsail Island Christmas or New Year’s vacation! We still have plenty of homes and condos to choose from. This week we share with you what makes Christmas on Topsail Island so special.

You won’t need a snow blower

For all of our friends who live up north fighting the snow and ice, take comfort in the knowledge there's a perfect place to get away from the cold and the snow. Topsail Island is easy to get to from all the major metropolitan areas on the east coast. Wilmington International Airport is just a short drive from Topsail Island and features loads of daily flights. The best part is the only shovel you’ll need on Topsail Island is one to build sand castles! 

Why play in the snow when you can play in the sand?

If you're sitting up north looking at the weather channel showing a swirling low-pressure system forming over the Midwest and dreading the coming snow, that inevitably means winter is upon you. Why not head south to the North Carolina Coast and enjoy a beach vacation on Topsail Island? Let's be honest, sand is better than snow.

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No crowds

One of the best things about Topsail Island during the Christmas holidays is the lack of crowds. Imagine waking up Christmas morning in your oceanfront vacation home. The sound of the waves rolling in and the sand between your toes... now that’s the way to celebrate Christmas! Luckily, our charming island is the perfect peaceful retreat that you’ve been looking for. Give us a call today and we can help you find the perfect vacation home for your Christmas or New Year celebration, and of course, it is never too early to begin planning your 2020 Summer beach vacation. 

You can use your golf clubs… in December!

That’s right! While most of the country is freezing or digging out from under the latest snow storm, the only thing you will be digging yourself out of here is a long par 5. North Carolina is famous for its golf culture. Did you know there are over 600 hundred-golf courses in North Carolina? Topsail Island is the perfect place to mix a little Christmas cheer with a few rounds of golf. Christmas, golf and the beach make the perfect combination. 

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We love new traditions

Do you have the same old Christmas routine? Are you looking for something different or to start a new tradition with your family? If you are, a beach Christmas is exactly what you need! There are many studies that show trying new things and starting new traditions is a great way to reduce stress. Christmas after all is stressful enough; why not try it at the beach?

Have you booked your Christmas visit to Topsail Island? Maybe you’re considering a 2020 summer beach vacation on Topsail Island and if you are, now is the perfect time to start planning. We have loads of great vacation homes to choose from, awesome rates and of course, that great Coastline Realty Vacations customer service. Give us a call today at 800-497-5463 or click the button below to see our most current inventory. 

Why There is Something Special About Christmas on Topsail Island

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