It's Time to Treasure the Flavors of Thanksgiving

 It's Time to Treasure the Flavors of Thanksgiving

Sweet. Spicy. Steamy and warm. Softly firm. Melting. What do these words conjure up for you? For us, they mean one thing and one thing only: baked apples! Baked apples are the essence of fall. If you have ever walked past an apple orchard in the middle of fall at some previous time in your life, taking in a whiff of that tantalizing apple-cider scent, then you will know what we are talking about. That scent embodies fall. And savoring a bit of one of these baked apples is like eating a bite of one of those perfect fall orchards from your childhood. 

These apples, with their perfect balance of sweet and spice and gooey buttery goodness, are perfect all on their own right out of the oven! Of course, we think they are even better with a freezing dollop of vanilla ice cream on top, melting down the sides and pooling around the apple in creamy deliciousness. It is perfection in a spoon. You will want to eat it all night long during your vacation here in Topsail with us! And it is definitely something that you will want to make at home you, too. This super simple recipe will become your new fall favorite treat! 

The Recipe: Baked Apples 

Baked Apples Recipe Card


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