How to Take Great Pictures at the Beach

We all love updating our social media profiles with great pictures, and vacation is one of the best times to take great photos. With the advent of the smart phone (and all of their incredible features), taking awesome pictures has never been easier. This week we have some great tips and tricks on how to take amazing photos that you'll be thrilled to post on any of your social media accounts. Don't forget to share your Topsail Island vacation pictures!

Choose the right lighting.

There are times that are better than other to take photos on and around the beach. Many photographers will tell you that some of the best times are right before sunrise and sunset. The light is magical during these times of the day. Go ahead try some photos right after sunrise and we think you will agree they are spectacular. 

Beware that water reflects light.

Managing light around the beach is important for quality photos. Light refracts and bounces off the the water far more than you might think. The result of all this light can be harsh and unflattering photos. Be aware this is likely most troublesome in the middle of the day when the sun is high. 

Choose creative  locations.

Few destinations allow for so much creativity as the beach. The light is amazing, the ocean is always changing and there are a slew of great locations. Try and get creative with locations, props and positioning.  

On Topsail Island you'll have plenty of photo ops wherever you go. Location won't be a problem for you at all! 

Careful of relying on auto settings

If you're shooting in auto mode at the beach in the bright sun, your camera will probably default to under-expose your images. If you're having problems with the auto setting, try switching to manual and experiment with your exposure settings.

Three tips when using your smartphone

It seems like everyone these days has a smartphone. In fact, these days most kids have smartphones. We all love taking selfies and updating our Facebook status. However, few of us are getting the most out of our smartphone’s camera. Here are three things you can do to get the most out of your cell phone photos: 

Take advantage of the HHDR Function on your Phone

HDR (High Dynamic Range), comes standard on most new smart phones. This is true whether it is an iPhone or Android. Essentially what HDR does is balance the light of a photograph. This is usually a very tricky thing to to manually and certainly not easy for novices. Take advantage of this function on your phone for some stellar photos. 

Natural Light is Your Friend. 

There is something beautiful about natural light and it certainly is the perfect light source for your next photo. Professionals will tell you to keep the light on the front of the subject.  

Keep A Steady Hand

Forget trying to hold your phone or camera steady. There are so many tripods, desktop tripods and even monopods that fit almost any camera or smart phone. Use stabilize your camera to get the most our of your videos. 

Protect your equipment 

Cameras and phones are expensive. Take some time to invest in a good equipment bag, or a waterproof bag for you phone. Not only will it keep the water off your equipment it will also protect it from the sand which gets in everything, especially when the wind kicks up. 

Are you ready to take some incredible pictures at the best location on the North Carolina coast? If you need help planning your beach vacation, give us a call at 800-497-5463 to speak with one of our reservationists or click the button below to see our current inventory of homes. 

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