How to Plan the Perfect Beach Themed Movie Night

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Themed Movie Night

Whether you are working from home or just trying to relax with your family, this week is the perfect week to have a fun family movie night! Since getting to the beach isn't possible at the moment, why not bring the beach to your living room with a fun beach themed movie night? Soon we'll all be back on the beautiful sun-soaked beaches of Topsail Island but until that time, here is everything you need to plan your movie night. 

The first step in planning a movie night is to pick a great movie! There are lots of great movies to choose from. Whether you want a classic or a modern comedy, there are lots of choices. Since this is a family movie night, make sure to include the kids. Maybe you want to start early and let the kids pick a movie and then have mom and dad pick a movie for later. Need a movie suggestion? Here are three great titles you might enjoy. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

If you want a "laugh a minute" ride, or if you love slap-stick irreverent comedies, this the one for the older crowd in your family. With so many great lines, you'll be quoting this movie for years to come!  


This 1975 classic has been a favorite of teenagers for decades. Set in a fictional town on Cape Cod, the locals fear they are being stalked by a killer great white shark. It isn't for the little ones, but if you have a house full of teenagers they'll love this. 

Weekend at Bernie's

This hilarious adventure is a classic movie that is fun for the whole family. Most of the scenes take place on and around the beach. Gather the family for this laugh out loud adventure. You won't regret it. 

Make It a Family Movie marathon

Since many of us are stuck at home or working from home, why not start the movie night early? Pick three or four movies and then draw straws to see who in the family gets to choose the movie first. You could even write the names on a slip of paper and let each family member “draw” a movie selection. Have fun with it, this will be especially fun for families with little kids. 

Get Comfortable

For the ultimate family movie night you may need to move the couch or put dad’s favorite chair in a different spot. For the little ones, grab lots of pillows and blankets. Tonight is all about getting comfy. Throw on those favorite sweatpants and relax! 

No Distractions Allowed

The whole point of the family movie night is to carve out some of that all important, and increasingly rare, family time. There is so much going on right now and turning off the news for a bit is a great way to relax. Most of us are constantly on our phones, checking in with social media, or playing a game. During movie night, it is important for everyone to be engaged. Have everyone put their phone in a drawer in another room. We promise you’ll be shocked how much better family night will be! 

What is your favorite family beach themed movie? Let us know in the comments below. 

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Themed Movie Night

Enjoy a Beach Themed Movie Tonight

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