How to Have an Amazing Beach Vacation on A Budget

How to Have an Amazing Beach Vacation on A Budget

Are you thinking of planning a summer vacation this year? Does a family getaway to one of North Carolina's premier beach destinations seem out of your budget? Have no fear because not only is Topsail Island one of the best family-friendly destination on the east coast it is also one of the most affordable. This week we have everything you need to plan and budget for your next beach vacation. Soon you will be dipping your toes in the crystal blue waters of Topsail Island without a care in the world. Let's get started on your 2020 beach vacation. 

Plan early

One of the best things you can do to save money is to plan your vacation early. It's still only March and while rentals are filling up, there is still plenty of time to find a great deal! When you book early, it gives you plenty of time to set your budget and save money for your vacation. By planning early you also get in the front of the line at work with your time off request. And finally, you get to have the first pick of available vacation homes during the weeks you want! Score!

Create a budget

This probably isn't surprising, but it's hard to stay within your budget if you don't actually have a budget. Help keep your vacation spending on track by having a good budget. Vacation can be riddled with dollar sucking expenses. Just think of that two dollar can of soda or all the snacks the kids want to but at the gas station on the drive. Vacation inevitably means there will be meals you’ll eat out and, of course, the kids will want souvenirs. When planning your vacation, decide early what your family budget will be. 

This is a great time to involve the whole family. Sit down with everyone and talk about expectations, activities, and special things you might want to do as a a family. Planning before you go will eliminate a lot of stress. 

Book direct with Coastline Realty Vacations

There are all sorts of vacation sites out there offering what they consider the best deal. However, when you pull back the curtain, you'll find that when you book with a third party like Airbnb or HomeAway, there are hidden fees that could cost you up to a 15% premium on your vacation rental. Give us a call today at 800-497-5463 to speak with one of our friendly reservationists to find the best deal on your Topsail Island beach vacation, no hidden-fees required. 

Rent a home, not a hotel

The next greatest cost that a vacation incurs is lodging, especially if you're going to stay somewhere for more than one or two nights. The larger your family, the more each night costs you, which is why you want to avoid costly hotels. A vacation home means no more overcrowded rooms and no more long lines in the morning for the bathroom. Instead, we can provide you with a room for everyone in your family and as many bathrooms as you need. A Topsail Island vacation rental home is the perfect solution for your getaway!

A Castle in the Sand vacation rental | Coastline Realty

Drive and save

Have you checked the price of airline tickets lately? Like many things, the cost of tickets varies from one day to the next, but overall, flying is expensive proposition. Conservatively, it would cost at least $2000 for a family of 4 to travel via air. But what if you could drive to your next beach vacation destination? It's time to consider the great American family tradition of the  summer road trip for your next beach vacation. 

Topsail Island is an easy-to-reach location for most people living east of the Mississippi River. Driving can save you a ton of money and it is also a great opportunity for quality family time. Plug "Topsail Island, NC" into your GPS and see how many miles of travel are ahead of you. Based off the MPG rate for your vehicle, how much will it cost for you to travel by car? If you still need a good reason to travel by car, we have one more for you... it gives you a mode of transportation once you reach the beach! You may want to explore some local history or take a day trip!

family driving to Topsail Island | Coastline Realty

Four tips for the budget savvy traveler

Eat In and Save

Of all the ways to save money on beach vacations, one of the easiest ways is to simply eat in. With a rental condo or house, you have the great benefit of a full kitchen. Plan to make most of your meals rather than eating out. Pack a lunch to take to the beach each day; the food at the snack shack is not cheap! This is when your crockpot comes in handy. Throw together a quick meal, plug in your crockpot, and you've got a hot, delicious meal waiting for you after a great day on the beach! You can find a ton of easy crockpot recipes here.

Buy Supplies Before You Go

We’ve all been there – you realize you forgot the sunscreen, you walk into the convenience store, and it’s $10. You have to buy it, so you do – and the savings maven in you dies a little. Buy supplies you need, like sunscreen, Band-Aids, bottled water, hand sanitizer wipes, and beach toys before you ever leave home. A little planning goes a long way in your wallet! 

Get Travel Insurance

It may sound like this isn’t a money saving tip, however, travel insurance can be invaluable if you have to cancel your trip for any number of covered reasons. It's also the only way to have your cost reimbursed in the event of inclement weather. Need help to understand the ins and outs of travel insurance? Give us a call, and we'll be happy to help steer you in the right direction. 

Take Advantage of Free Things to Do

Topsail Island is a great family-friendly location with lots of things to do and see and the best part is many of them are free! Whether you visit in Summer or Fall, there is always something going on in Topsail Island or the surrounding area. Our blog is a great place to find local events and things to do. Of course, our friendly staff is well acquainted with the local events, so feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. 

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How to Have an Amazing Beach Vacation on A Budget

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