Easy Ways to Avoid Cabin Fever with the Kids

Easy Ways to Avoid Cabin Fever with the Kids

For many of us, today's reality involves a lot of time at home. You may be working from home and the kids are home from school. One thing is for certain... keeping a house full of kids entertained can be a real challenge for parents. Cabin fever is real and this week we have a few easy and fun ways to help you avoid a case of cabin fever. 


Noun: irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors.

Take a Walk

Getting a little Vitamin D and increasing your heart rate is a great way to combat a case of cabin fever! Even doctors agree a bit of exercise is a great way to help with your overall health and happiness. Did you know that many studies link taking a brisk walk to less depression and stress?

Tip: Try walking briskly with your family for thirty minutes a day.

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Keep a Schedule

Things can get tedious when there's no schedule. One day can seem to melt into another. We've all seen the memes on Facebook and laughed, but secretly we aren't laughing. One way to beat the boredom with the kids at home is by keeping a consistent schedule. 

Kids find comfort in their routine. Many of you have kids who need to keep up with school work at home. Take time to set up a start time, break time, and lunch time, just like they would have at school .This will allow the kids to be productive and stay in their regular routine as much as possible. This routine is also a big help for mom and dad as many of you are working from home. 

Break Out the Games

Have you reached the end of what you can watch on Netflix? Now's the time to break out some of those old board games and puzzles you have in the closet. Games are easy, fun, and cheap. Plus, unlike watching endless hours of television, games also allow family members to stay connected. 

Eat Right

We all know sugary caffeinated drinks are never a good idea, but that is especially true now. Now is the perfect time to load up on healthy snacks. Think fresh fruits, vegetables, and lots of water. Sure you can have a treat every once in awhile, but the less sugar the better. 

When planning meals, take some time to have the kids help prepare the meal. It will not only help the kids stay active, but it will also give you a chance to teach the kids all about planning healthy meals. 

Plan Fun Activities

There are all sorts of fun ways to keep the family and kids active. This is a great time to get creative and have a little extra family time. 

Try a few of these ideas:

Family movie night


FaceTime with relatives

Build a fort

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating fun and distracting activities for the kids! 

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What is your favorite way to deal with cabin fever? Let us know in the comments below. Soon we'll all be back on Topsail Island and the beach soaking up that beautiful Carolina sunshine! 

How do you beat cabin fever?

Let us know in the comments below. 

Easy Ways to Avoid Cabin Fever with the Kids

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