A Summer Beach Vacation Survival Guide for Moms

A Summer Beach Vacation Survival Guide for Moms

Is it Summer yet? Nope, but it is just around the corner! For many of you, you've already booked your Topsail Island beach vacation. If you haven't, now is the perfect time to do so. Of course, for moms all across the land it's time to start thinking about all the little things it takes to get the family to Topsail Island and enjoying a week of family-fun in the sun. No worries, we have everything mom needs for a successful and relaxing beach vacation!

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Getting Ready 

Before you head out on your Topsail Island beach vacation there are a few things you should take care of. Everyone wants to think about the fun things to do and see while on vacation, but the reality is that vacations are a logistical challenge for moms, and of course dads, alike. Here are three things you can do early on in the vacation planning and booking process that will make sure you have smooth sailing on Topsail Island this Summer. 

Protect Your Vacation Investment-

Buy travel insurance. Protecting your vacation investment is smart planning. After all, a vacation represents a significant investment in your family budget. Having kids makes travel insurance even more important. Why? Among other things, travel insurance covers expenses for lost luggage and vacation cancellations under certain circumstances. A reimbursement may allow you to book another vacation later in the year. Insurance will not only save you money, but also make you a hero.  

Rent Equipment- 

Instead of trying to pack your stroller, high chairs, playpens, a truckload of toys and everything else in the house, rent those items! Did you know there are several places on Topsail Island that have almost everything you need for your vacation? From kids' beds to surfboards, they have it all. You can even make these reservations well in advance.  

Reserve Your Vacation Rental Early-

Reserving your vacation rental early gives you first pick of the available rentals. Not only can you likely find the home you want, but also find it the week you want. Of course, some weeks are more popular than others so being mindful of your budget is a lot easier when you plan early. With Coastline Realty Vacations, booking early is easy with our great website! Our website allows you to search by location, size, desired amenities, and several other parameters. It's that easy... just click here to see for yourself!

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Packing Tips

Packing for yourself can be challenging enough, but packing for the whole family can be a daunting task for mom! Not only do you have to worry about your things, but everyone else's as well. Depending on the age of your kids, it can be particularly hard. Toddlers and infants require all sorts of unique things. Fortunately, the teenagers will probably pack themselves. Here are a few tips to help you with your packing list. 

Swim Diapers- 

These insulate your little one against the grating sand and saltwater, preventing burns and rashes. They also make cleanup a cinch. 

Stay Safe-

 While the water is a kid's wonderland, it can be stressful for parents. Things happen fast on the beach. Even if your kids are natural swimmers, making sure they have a proper life preserver is essential. 

Don't Forget the Sunblock-

It doesn’t matter whether your kids tan or burn; prolonged sun exposure is dangerous and something to be aware of. Make sure to pack an appropriate level sunblock. If you have active kids, make sure to get a sports version that will hold up well to the heat and water. 

First-Aid Kit-

Nothing can ruin an day like a cut or scrape at the wrong time. For these little wounds, it's a good idea to have a small first-aid kit prepared. Make sure to include 


Don't forget the fun stuff... the toys of course! Every kid, big and small, loves digging and playing in the sand or splashing and exploring in the water. Pack some simple toys and games to make sure you have everything you need to keep the kids entertained. 

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Tips for a Great Day on the Beach 

The beach isn’t like other family destinations. The water is fun, but can also be very dangerous. Let's face it; you have a balancing act as a parent. You want to encourage family fun while staying safe. If you're going to stay sane throughout your day at the beach, you might like the following tips:

Come Early- 

Early in the day you'll find fewer people on the beach. You'll also have cooler temperatures and the sun won't be as harsh on the little ones. Plus, getting to the beach early lets you grab the best spots. 

Plan the End of the Day- 

If your kids are like ours, they do a whole lot better with plenty of notice that their time on the beach is ending for the day. Begin letting the kids know about an hour before you plan to leave. Trust us... this avoids *most* major meltdowns. 

Take Turns-

Watching the kids, especially the little ones, is not exactly the most relaxing thing. Make sure mom and dad take turns. This will help you recharge and get ready for the next round of playtime with the kids. 

Have you booked your 2020 Topsail Island beach vacation? If you haven't, now is a great time to book your vacation. You can do this easily in two different ways. You can give us a call at 800-497-5463 or you can simply click the button below and see all of our vacation rentals. 

A Summer Beach Vacation Survival Guide for Moms

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