Plan the Ultimate New Year's Eve Celebration

 Plan the Ultimate New Year's Eve Celebration | Coastline Realty Vacations

*Updated October 2021

Out with old, in with the new! Don't worry, here on Topsail Island we've been hard at work getting ready for the 2022 season. We have new homes, lots of great events, and that great customer service you've come to expect from Coastline Realty Vacations. So goodbye 2021 and hello 2022 by celebrating the New Year with us at the beach and on island time. Here's how to plan your New Year's Eve celebration in your Topsail Island rental and around our Topsail towns. Cheers! 

Great food is a must have

The first ingredient to any good party is good food. Of course, here on the Topsail Island that can only mean one thing...seafood! From shrimp and grits to lobster bisque there are lots of easy to dishes that you can make for your New Year's eve party. Just remember you aren't having a full dinner. Having a variety of different appetizers is the key. 

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Have a kid zone 

Let's face it- sometimes having the little ones running around isn't exactly a parent's idea of fun. This year when planning your party, hire a babysitter. Have a separate space for the kids to hangout and play in. Rent some movies, order some pizza, and set them up for a party of their own. You'll love having a babysitter there to help watch the kids. The other great advantage of this is everyone can bring their kids, making it easier for all your friends to attend your party. 

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Create a time capsule

Time capsules creative and fun family activity. To create the time capsule, have everyone place pictures, notes, and anything special from the year into an airtight and moisture-safe jar. Don't forget a memory to two from your Topsail Island beach vacation.  It is a good idea to wrap things in a gallon ziplock freezer book. Next you'll want to mark the jar with the date. Now just bury the jar and put something over it to mark the spot. You'll have a blast opening the time capsule in a few years.

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Don't forget the music

What's a party without great music? Now that we all have Spotify, Itunes and YouTube, finding and creating great playlists is easier then ever! Whether you are looking to have a rock n' roll theme or a quiet evening of jazz, a great set list sets the tone of the evening. Just remember, music is an accent to the party. Keep the volume reasonable... you want to set the tone, not blast your guests. 

Everyone loves a game

Having a few fun games to play is a great way to include everyone in the celebration! If you're having a family gathering with kids and adults, it's important the games are easy to play and simple. Here are a few easy games to create and play. 

Guess That Resolution: Everyone places their resolutions in a hat and one person draws them out one at a time to read them. If you have little ones an adult can give an easy explanation of what a resolution is. Then everyone has to guess who the resolutions belong to! 

Guess The Lie: In this game, everyone writes down one or two resolutions and one lie. Now players read their resolutions out loud and people have to guess which statement is a resolution and which is a lie. 

Have a confetti balloon countdown

Kids and adults alike will love this! We admit you'll have to do a little vacuuming, but hey, look on the bright side-you don't have to do it until next year. Assuming those little ones might not make it to midnight, a confetti balloon countdown is a great way to celebrate the new year without keeping them up too late! Making confetti is easy, just use a large hole punch to make confetti out of tissue paper or gift wrap. Next you'll want to cut the bottom out of a plastic bottle to use as a funnel. Slip the funnel into the deflated balloon and fill them with confetti. Blow up the balloons (one for each hour) and hang them from the ceiling. All that is left to do is pop a balloon each hour before midnight. 

Be responsible

There's no excuse for drinking and driving. With the advent of Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing resources, there's always a way to get home safely to your loved ones.  The important thing is to have a plan. If you don't have a cab or other ride share booked for the night, then have a designated driver for your party. 

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All that is left to do this year is to plan your 2022 Topsail Island beach vacation. Whether you're looking for a large oceanfront home or a cozy condo for a romantic getaway, we have them all. This year we are excited about several new homes and don't forget all the great family-friendly events on Topsail Island. So, give us a call today at 800-497-5463 or click the button below to see our inventory of vacation homes. 

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 Plan the Ultimate New Year's Eve Celebration | Coastline Realty Vacations

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