5 Fabulous Shelling Tips for Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation

5 Fabulous Shelling Tips for Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation

Searching for seashells on Topsail Island never gets old! Every time you step out onto the sand, new discoveries await you. It's the perfect pastime for all ages. The best part is that you get to stroll the pristine beaches of Topsail Island each and every day in search of coastal treasures that are strewn across the sand or buried beneath the surface just begging to be discovered. What's not to love? Your Topsail Island rental makes it easy to have a daily beachcombing adventure, since you are only steps away from the hidden treasures that await you. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you have the most success shelling excursion on the beaches of Topsail. Good luck and good shells! 

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1. Persistence Pays Off

Getting out onto the beach as often as you can is the best way to up your chances for the best seashell finds. Persistence is a virtue when it comes to beachcombing so the more you get out there, the better you odds of finding something epic. What's so bad about taking a beach walk each and every day of your Topsail beach vacation? Nothing! Keep your eyes open and your feet moving. You never know what you'll stumble upon during your stroll.

2. Off-Season is the Best Shelling Season

There are two big advantages to shelling in the fall and winter seasons on Topsail Island. #1 is that there are fewer people competing for the coveted shells. #2 is that the waters are churning up more buried treasures during these times of the year. Shelling after a storm, especially one with easterly winds, proves quite productive. Get out there and get looking every chance you get. 

3. Check Out These Top Shelling Spots on Topsail Island

You may want to extend your excursion to include these top shelling spots on Topsail Island. While you're seeking out shells, be sure to keep your eyes open for shark teeth and sea glass, too. Topsail Island is pretty famous for its abundant shark tooth finds. Be sure to check out these top Topsail seashell and shark's teeth spots.

  • The northern-most part of the Topsail Island
  • The southern-most part of Topsail Island, known as The Point
  • Near the fishing piers (there's one in each Topsail town of North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach.)
  • Near sandbars and in tidal pools along the shoreline
  • Along the water's edge
  • Wade in a few feet and search below the waterline

4. Tide & Timing Matter

As with many things in life, timing matters. The hour before and after low tide are key to shelling success. Check the local Topsail Tide Charts and know when to go! Full moons and other astronomical phenomenons affect the tides and therefore impact your shelling conditions. It's worth knowing this information before you head out on your shell-seeking adventures. 

5. Oceanfront Topsail Beach Rentals Make Shelling Easy

You will absolutely have an advantage if you choose a Topsail beach rental that sits right on the oceanfront. You are in a prime location for accessing the beach for not only shelling, but for any beach activities to want to enjoy during your NC vacation. It just makes sense! Consider an oceanfront Topsail beach rental next time you're here to experience the convenience and comfort of walking out of your rental and right onto the beach. It's the best!

do you have any Topsail shelling tips to share?

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5 Fabulous Shelling Tips for Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation

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