7 Charming Ways to Vacation at the Beach in the Fall

7 Charming Ways to Vacation at the Beach in the Fall

It’s fall! Unofficially, at least. That stunning time of year when you long for hot chocolate, long walks, apple oatmeal in the morning, and hearty roasted meals for dinner. You might be wondering if the beach really is the best place for your family vacation this fall. 


The answer? Of course! In fact, the fall might be an even more lovely time for a beach vacation here with us at one of our Topsail Island rentals than any other time of year. Just to help convince you, we have compiled a list of 7 charming ways to vacation at the beach in the fall. Read on. You just might not have thought of all of them! 

1). Make the Most of the Cooling Weather Cooling Weather


Ah, the perfect pleasure of a crisp morning. It’s briskness getting your blood flowing before you even imbibe your first cup of coffee. Such mornings are made even more delightful when you get to take a hot beverage out onto a porch, curl up in a blanket, and watch the waves roll into shore. Pure bliss! 

2). Enjoy the Quiet

Since summer is inevitably the most popular time for beach vacations, what with school being out and the sun driving everyone to the nearest body of water, fall is a delightful time for vacation quiet! Depending on what time of day you are out and about, you might almost have the beach to yourself. 

3). Indulge in Some Delicious Food

There is something about the cool weather that makes us long for delicious, hearty meals! There are plenty of lovely restaurants in and around Surf City for you to frequent, or you could try one of these recipes here and here

4). Soak up the SunSoak up the Sun

Yes, the fall is actually a prime time to soak up the sun at the beach! With the cooling weather, it is no longer too hot to be out around lunch time. Which means you can be out in the sun from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed. Of course, you need to still take steps to protect your skin from the sun and to stay hydrated. 

5). Read in a Patch of Sunshine

This is another benefit of having less intense sunshine. You can sit in a patch of it in your stunning rental home for a while, savoring a delightful book and delicious tea and scones, and enjoy it without getting too hot. 

6). Take Advantage of the Long Nights

With the coming of fall comes shorter days and long nights. Which are perfect for those of us who like to indulge in dinner parties complete with sparkling candles and swinging jazz music, the waves and the water supplying a soothing backdrop of reflected twinkling expanse. The longer evenings are also perfect for those of us who desire a more intimate vacation, with a book, a good movie, or anything else you desire. 

7). Have a Party Have a Party

Since the sun sets early, the party spirit rises early, too! A dinner party, or cocktail party, always feels more elegant when it takes place at sunset and after dark, rather than long before. Which means that fall is the perfect time for throwing dinner parties, whether large or small. Plus, the cooling temperatures make this season more conducive to cooking for a party! 

Fall is a delightful time for vacation! It’s beautiful, the weather is perfect, and the beach is your own. Hurry and book now - you are going to want to enjoy this relaxing yet invigorating time of year here with us. 

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