Why Condos are the Perfect Vacation Rental

Why Condos are the Perfect Vacation Rental

**Blog post updated on 4.30.21.**

Are you getting ready to plan your Topsail Island summer beach vacation? Have you picked a vacation rental yet? Are you considering a hotel? Have you considered all the things you give up when you settle for staying in a hotel? This week we pull back the curtain and explain why condos are such a great option for families visiting Topsail Island. So let's get started planning an awesome beach vacation at one of our awesome Topsail Island condos! 


Enjoy the Best Locations

Topsail Island is a truly unique place! There is virtually no place on the island that you won't love. However, if you're looking for the best oceanfront locations, then you really can't go wrong with a condo. All of the condos in our inventory are part of oceanside complexes. This gives you easy access to the beach along with being close to all of the best activities and attractions on Topsail Island. 

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beach access at Shipwatch Villas | Coastline Realty

Your Kids Will Love It

Kids and condos go together like peanut butter and jelly! Most hotels just aren’t designed to be fun for families or groups traveling together. Between the expense of eating out and having to book two (or more) rooms to accommodate everyone, you can blow most of your budget before you even get started. Hotels eat up way too much of your budget for what they offer. Fortunately, we have loads of great condos to choose from that will meet all your needs. In addition to offering much more than a hotel, condos also have plenty of beds, bathrooms, and televisions. The best part is you can save a bundle by having at least some of your meals at home.

Bring Your Friends and Family 

One of the best things about renting a condo is that you can rent one and have friends or family rent the one next door or in the same complex. This is great for a lot of reasons. First, you get to have your own space yet still be close to your friends and family. Another awesome thing about condos are when planning for a large extended family vacation, you only need to rent the space you need. We all love sharing, but seeing uncle Bucky walking around in his birthday suit might not be your idea of fun. 

The Convenience Factor

Condos are really convenient for families! Kids can be in the ocean one minute and five minutes later splashing in the pool. Mom and dad can run up to their rental to refill the cooler and best of all you don't have to look for a parking spot at a beach access. Plus, as we mentioned, with the numerous amenities there are all sorts of fun ways to spend the day all within just a few steps of your condo. Dollar for dollar what you get with space, value, and convenience, condos are by far the best deal when compared to a traditional hotel.

All the Best Amenities 

Condos often offer a host of amenities that you won't find at other properties. For example, the Ship Watch Villas offers an outdoor pool, beautiful sunset views, cable television, and private decks with seating area. Internet access is available in selected units. Other properties have similar packages of amenities. No matter which condo you choose, you'll be surprised by the array of amenities... especially when compared to a hotel. 

Are you ready to book your next Topsail Island condo? Summer will be here soon and now is the perfect time to choose your favorite condo! With over a hundred properties to choose from and all the best locations on Topsail Island, your biggest challenge will be which great property to book. Need help? Give us a call today at 800-497-5463 and our reservationists will be glad to assist you in finding just the right property for your family. NOTE: Individual condo associations may restrict the use of certain amenities due to Covid-19 protocols. If you have a question about certain amenties, please don't hesitate to ask a reservationist.

Why Condos are the Perfect Vacation Rental

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