The Best Way to Dive Into Mystery on Topsail

The Best Way to Dive Into Mystery on Topsail 

Are you looking for a new world to step into when you vacation on Topsail this fall? A world filled with mystery, romance, intrigue, and treasure hunting? Well, then you will be delighted with this new read that we have for you! After all, what better way to enter a new world than via a book and your imagination? 

There is no better place to indulge in a Topsail-based mystery than in Topsail itself! And the perfect spot for reading in Topsail, where you will always have your favorite drink and your favorite chocolate next to you, is one of our Topsail Island rentals. So, book your rental, pick up your book, and settle in for the vacation adventure of your life! 

The Book: The Last TreasureThe Lost Treasure Book Cover

It’s a love story. And a mystery. All rolled into one. The best plot twists and breath taking dives that you would find in your favorite book of either genre. Two stories melded into one. 

There is the long unsolved romance of the mystery of Theodosia Burr Alston who disappeared, along with the Patriot, as she was traveling from her husband’s plantation in South Carolina to her father in New York. This mystery is itself an additional main character. It is the driving force that brings Liv, Sam, and Whit - the protagonists (and sometimes antagonists) in the fascinating work - together, and it is also what drives them apart. 

Even more fascinating than the story of Theodosia and what might have happened to her is the tale the author weaves of love, loss, smothering relationships, and eventual reconciliation. The main protagonist - Liv - seeks treasure from the sea as an escape from her overbearing, overprotective father. She asks the sea to provide an escape for her, a way to forget a part of who she is. Instead, she learns to embrace her past, and her present, while discovering secrets about her heart. And discovering treasure. Both from wrecks of long-lost ships and from the depths of a man’s heart. 

Thrown in the midst of Liv’s search for her own identity, and her search for the truth about what happened to Theodosia so very long ago, is a fascinating love triangle that will have you rooting (at least for a little while!) for both sides. In keeping with the theme of past and present, Liv’s love triangle takes place both in her college-days’ past as well as in her now-married present. 

The author, Erika Marks, writes in an intriguing voice, the characters speaking of their actions in the present as if they are unfolding right before your eyes. Plus, to further the intrigue, she switches between telling you about events unfolding in the characters lives' presently to then narrating a significant event that happened in their past. 

The Last Treasure by Erika Marks is a delightful read that you will want to discover during your next vacation with us in Topsail. What treasures of your own will you find during your stay? Who knows what you might discover. So book your stay now - you don’t want to miss out on the greatest adventure of your life! 



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