How to Make the Most of Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation

How to Make the Most of Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation | Coastline Realty Vacations

You’ve booked your Topsail Island Beach vacation. You're counting the days till the start of your vacation. Now is the perfect time to do a little planning. Topsail Island offers visitors a huge variety of activities and adventures. Whether you have little kids, are heading out for a honeymoon, or having a large family gathering with a little planning you can be sure to keep everyone happy during your vacation. Here are our best tips to help you make the most of your 2019 beach vacation. 

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1. Try something new

First time visitors to Topsail Island are sometimes surprised by the sheer amount of things there are to do on the island and surrounding area. During your next visit we invite you to discover your favorite adventure. Whether you like off shore fishing, kayaking, jet skiing or surfing there is a heart pounding adventure awaiting you on Topsail Island.  Looking for something to do? Check out our previous blog post: 10 Awesome Things To Do On Topsail Island This Summer 

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2. Mix Planning and Spontaneity

You can over plan your vacation. Some things are good to plan. If there is a specific event you would like to go to or if you’d like to take advantage of early bird discounts, then planning early is helpful. It is also a good idea to plan things like your rental equipment, golf carts, etc. However, it is also important to leave room to be spontaneous during your vacation. Leave time so everyone can explore the island and enjoy their own interests. 

3. Set time aside for family

We all think we have to see and do everything during your vacation in order to get the most out of your week off. However, remember to spend time with your family. This can be something as easy as doing something new together. Maybe a day of kayaking or surf lessons is for you. Perhaps just kicking back on the couch as a family and having a family movie night is what you want. No matter which it is we invite you to enjoy your family time on Topsail Island. 

4. Take advantage of the kitchen

One of the best things about a vacation rental versus a hotel is the ability to use the kitchen. All of our vacation homes have well appointed kitchens. During your vacation take advantage of having the kitchen is the amount of money you save by cooking at home. Another fun thing to do is take advantage of the local seafood markets. Who doesn’t love fresh seafood? Baked, fried, or grilled right at home?

5. Protect yourself and the family

Of course Topsail Island is a safe and friendly place to visit. What we all need to protect ourselves from are the harmful rays of the sun. during your Topsail Island beach vacation. When packing make sure to include a hat, long sleeve shirts,  and plenty of sunscreen

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6. Bring your dog to the beach

Going on your vacation without your family dog it unthinkable to many families and here at Coastline Realty Vacations we couldn’t agree with you more. Topsail Island is a dog friendly place and we have several properties that are dog friendly. Traveling with your dog can be a challenge but one well worth it. Need help finding the perfect pet-friendly vacation home? Click here.

7. Be prepared for the unexpected

Whenever you travel it is important to plan for the unexpected especially when traveling with kids or those with known medical conditions. Bring copies of your prescriptions, important contact information, extra contact lenses, spare glasses, and other things that are difficult to replace in a pinch or helpful if there is an emergency. 

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8. Take advantage of our great location

Topsail Island is situated on the beautiful North Carolina coast ideally located near several regional points of interest. One of the best things to do during your stay on Topsail Island is to explore our beautiful area. Day trips to Wilmington, Southport, and Bald Head Island are all easy and fun ways to spend the day during your Topsail Island beach vacation. 

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9. Prepare for bad weather

We hate to admit it but occasionally we do have bad weather. However, rain doesn’t have to dampen your vacation spirit. From museums to roller-skating there is still plenty to do and see. As a parent, pack a few of the kids DVDs and books. Better to be prepared then not. Don’t worry, the sun will be back soon! 

10. Unplug for a while

In this day and age  we're all connected to social media, work, and the internet 24/7. We’re not saying to give up your social media… in fact we love social media. However, during your vacation make a point of leaving the phone behind. You’ll find yourself instantly more connected to friends and loved ones. Trust us, there’s nothing on your phone that can compare to Topsail Island. 

Need help with a specific question? Don’t forget when you book with Coastline Realty Vacations you're booking with our great customer service team. Our team of professionals has years of experience and tons of local knowledge. This combination helps us provide you with the best customer service on Topsail Island. So when you start planning your vacation and you need help we’re here with you every step of the way. From the moment you book, to the moment you leave. Give us a call today at 800-497-5463 if you have any questions about your upcoming vacation.

How to Make the Most of Your Topsail Island Beach Vacation | Coastline Realty Vacations

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