How to Have a Fabulous Holiday Away on Topsail Island

How to Have a Fabulous Holiday Away on Topsail Island

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy the holiday season this year? Maybe you need a change, a refresh, a restart, or just a getaway during some of the most hectic times of the year. Topsail Island is the perfect place. Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Year's here, we think you'll find it's a really lovely way to celebrate any occasion. Everything's better at the beach, you know. Here's how to have the most fabulous holiday away. 

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1. Book your Topsail Island rental.

First things first! You need a place to call home during the holidays. A Topsail beach rental has everything you need to get settled and feel at home at the beach. You choose the location, amenities, and size of the rental making it customizable to you and your family's needs. That's the beauty of a vacation rental! Here are some of the many reasons why a Topsail vacation rental is the best way to go for your holiday getaway.

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2. Plan how you will celebrate.

Your holiday celebration will look different this year, so it's important to plan ahead with your family on how you want to celebrate since you'll be away from home. Discuss your options and get input from everyone. Will you keep it traditional or try something new? The details are totally up to you. It's YOUR holiday! If you need some help getting started, read this previous post on how to have the best holidays ever in Topsail Island

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3. Decide the details of your holiday meals.

Meals are an important part of any holiday celebration. Lucky for you, your Topsail beach rental has all the standard culinary equipment you need to create your holiday fare and execute it well. Maybe you're not cooking at home this year and instead you want to go out. Topsail has some top-notch restaurants that you can enjoy, too. Here's a blog on how to plan a great Thanksgiving dinner that might help you get started with your meal planning.

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4. Check out the holiday events in Topsail.

Whether it's a coastal Christmas or ringing in the New Year at the beach, Topsail Island has its own celebratory style when it comes to the holiday season. From holiday lighted boat flotillas and Christmas markets to Topsail town tree lightings and winter festivals, there is something for everyone this season. If you want to plan the ultimate New Year's Eve celebration on Topsail Island, get started now. 2022 will be here before you know it! 

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5. Start a new family tradition this holiday season.

You probably have plenty of family traditions that you hold dear over the years. When's the last time you started a new one? Now's the time! Spending one of your favorite holidays at the beach can be the new tradition, or you can pick a special event or activity to do this year that becomes your new family tradition for years to come. A family kayak adventure? A waterfront holiday dinner? Family fishing from the pier? A New Year's day sunrise walk on the beach? Whatever you decide, pick something everyone can enjoy and look forward to each and every year. 


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How to Have a Fabulous Holiday Away on Topsail Island

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