Everything You Need to Know About Fall Golfing

Everything You Need to Know About Fall Golfing
North Carolina is known for a lot of things. Of course, college basketball and great BBQ. For those of you who love the beach our beautiful shoreline is home to some of the best beaches on the east coast. Topsail Island is right in the heart of those beautiful pristine beaches. Finally, there is golf. North Carolina is home to some of the best courses and playing conditions in the country. One of the best times of the year to play golf in North Carolina is during the fall. This year is no different. The best thing about golf is you can do it while social distancing, and with many schools not having traditional classes you can even plan a family vacation late into the fall. This week we have some great tips and tricks for getting the most out of your day on the links. 

Ball selection is key

Temperature can certainly affect your golf ball. The colder it gets, the less feel you have. By playing with a softer ball, you can retain some of the feel that you are used to around the greens. You might not hit the ball as far as normal (see below), but you might score by retaining your touch and feel.

Check course conditions

During the fall you are more likely to find harder green conditions than in the summer. This means only one thing lots of speed and rolling on the green. Make sure to take a walk to the practice green and get a feel for green. There is also the possibility of wetter conditions because during the fall we can get heavy rains from time to time. 

Watch for course debris

Fall is well, fall, and this means wind, and lots of leaves falling and pine needles flying about. Sure, golf courses do a great job at keeping the courses clear, however, you can't control mother nature. Take extra care to plan your shot, and recon the green particularly when putting. You'll find a lot more obstructions during fall then during your normal summer play. 

Walk the course

If you are able fall is the best time to walk the course. Walking the course is not only good for you, but it will also help you stay warm on chillier days. Staying warm means your muscles will be more relaxed. More relaxed muscles mean better swings and more accurate puts. 

Dress in layers

Fall conditions can change rapidly. Mostly with the wind and air temperature. This is a good time to wear layers. Layers allow you to adjust on the go to the temperatures. I like to always have a light windbreaker and sweatshirt in my bag during the fall season. 

Club up 

You aren't Tin Cup, you just might need more than a 7 iron to get around the course. This is particularly true during the mornings and late in the season as you come across cooler temperatures. 

Cold temps equal less distance on your shots, so when in doubt club up one club. This is particularly important on approach shots.

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Everything You Need to Know About Fall Golfing

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