Easy and Fun Beach Games That Everyone Will Love

Easy and Fun Beach Games that Everyone will Love

No day on the beach is complete without gathering the family to play some great beach games. Today, we look at some of the best games to bring to the beach. The games in today's post are all simple to play and easy to take to the beach. Fall, spring or summer are all great times to hit the beach, and with Coastline Realty Vacations it has never been easier to find that perfect beach rental. So what are you waiting for? Gather up the family, pack up the cooler, and have a blast with these games on Topsail Island. 

Ladder Golf

Whoever came up with this game is pure genius. Easy to carry and so easy to learn, there is no end to the fun you can have with this game. It looks so easy: Toss a bola onto a ladder. Get the bola on the highest rung of the ladder and you get 3 points, the middle rung is 2 points, and the bottom rung is 1 point. I knew I had a problem when my daughter and I had a game going with a score of 130 to 123 with no end in sight. To this day, we talk about those epic games and we are sure your family will as well.

Classic Beach Tennis

Many of us have been playing this since we were kids. Now it's time to share this great game with our kids. Simple wooden paddles and bouncy PVC balls make for a fun, relaxing game of skill on the beach. How long can you keep the ball aloft? Make it more interesting by marking out a rectangular court with a half-court line. One paddler on each half of the court tries to keep the ball from hitting the sand on their side. Bam – hours of fun for the whole family!

Beach Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a hugely popular sport and growing in popularity every day. Now you can bring this game to the beach with portable frisbee golf baskets. Any number of players can play this game at once. You just need a frisbee for each person. This game is simple to set up and easy to pack for a day on the beach. The object of the game, much like regular golf, is to have the lowest score. 

Corn Hole

This is a wonderful game to get the competitive spirit alive and kicking in the family. Fun and easy to play, but deceptively challenging to master...this game is sure to cause the common refrain of "just one more game". A crowd favorite, you can find small portable versions of this game, allowing you to take the action to the beach. Have fun, gather friends, and set up a little tournament. Either way, you won't be able to play just one game. 

Beach Bocce Ball

This game looks deceptively easy. Bocce ball is the perfect game to play on the beach. Several vendors make beach bocce sets that are small, portable and specifically designed for the beach. Like many games, it is easily modifiable to allow kids of all ages to enjoy the game. Traditionally played on a 90-foot lane, you can modify the length as needed for the kids. Playing is easy with only a few simple rules to follow.

Bucket Ball

Every beach bum loves an occasional game of beer pong. Bucketball takes this party classic to the pool, the lawn and the beach (and makes it family friendly). Think of this as a giant beer pong set you can place right on the lawn or sand. Or, use the optional floating rack and take the game to the pool, sound or any calm water. The whole set is simple, packable, lightweight and easily transportable. Family members of all ages will enjoy Bucketball.

Topsail Island is a special place to visit and play no matter what time of year it is. However, spring and summer are just around the corner and now is the perfect time to plan your next vacation. After all you don't want to miss visiting our beautiful beaches for a little family fun. Give us a call today at 800-497-5463 to begin planning your next Topsail Island vacation or click the button below to see all of our homes. 

Easy and Fun Beach Games that Everyone will Love

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