10 Easy Ways to Save Money During Your Beach Vacation

10 Easy Ways to Save Money During Your Beach Vacation

Vacations are a big expense and like all big expenses a little planning and budgeting can go a long way. However, many people struggle to plan or budget accordingly. This causes things like high credit card bills or over looked savings. But fear not. This week we have ten great tips to help you plan and save on your next beach vacation. So let’s get started saving for your Topsail Island vacation.

Eat in and save

The first place to save money is to avoid eating out. It doesn't take long to spend hundreds dining out and if you have hungry teenagers the budget can go out the door in an instant. Plan those meals that you want to eat out. However, avoid the small ones like at the snack bar, or unplanned meals. All of our homes have great kitchens that making whipping up meals and snacks easy. With a little planning you can stay on budget and eat out occasionally. 

Plan early

Planning a vacation should not be a last minute thing. If you plan early you have the advantage of picking the best weeks to travel. You also get to put in your time off request in first at work. Planning early is like any plan, the money savings is in the time you have to get ready for an upcoming big expense. Time is your friend when planning your next Topsail Island beach vacation.

Bring Your Own Beach Gear and Toys  

Of course, you can get everything you need for a day on the beach at one of our local shops. However, the savvy traveler knows to bring their own gear. Many big box stores have great deals on beach items. For many folks these items may only be used for a week each year or maybe only once, ever. If that is the case it is especially important to take advantage of purchasing these items at a discount long before you get to the beach.  

Book direct with Coastline Realty Vacations

Don't use vacation sites offering what they consider the best deal. Instead book direct with us. Vacation rental sites However, like Airbnb or HomeAway have hidden fees that could cost you up to a 15% premium on your vacation rental. They also don't offer the same lever of customer service. 

Give us a call today at 800-497-5463 to speak with one of our friendly reservationists to find the best deal on your Topsail Island Beach vacation.

Set a budget

A good budget allows you to plan far in advance and allow you to pay cash for most items. Forget those expensive high interest rate credit cards. Involve the family and plan accordingly. We like to consider eating out, souvenirs, and activities in our family vacation budget. With a little planning you will have a budget that you are both able to afford and do the things you want on Topsail Island.  

Get travel insurance

It may sound like this isn’t a money saving tip, however, travel insurance can be invaluable if you have to cancel your trip for any number of covered reasons. It is also the only way to have your cost reimbursed in the event of inclement weather. 

If you have questions about Travel Insurance, don't worry–  our friendly staff are here to help answer them. 

Have flexible dates

When you have flexible travel dates, you will be able to save even more money!! In addition to running specials, Coastline Realty Vacations also offers different rates based on the time of year you will be staying. Don't worry, you don't have to visit during the middle of winter to get a great rate (although that is a wonderful time of year to visit Topsail)! 

Buy supplies before you go

We’ve all been there – you realize you forgot the sunscreen, you walk into the convenience store, and it’s $10. You have to buy it, so you do – and the savings maven in you dies a little. Buy supplies you need, like sunscreen, Band-Aids, bottled water, hand sanitizer wipes, and beach toys, before you ever leave home.

Free events are a great way to save

Did you know here is always something going on in Topsail Island or the surrounding area. And many of those events are free! We like to feature local events on our so staying in tune is a great way to know what is coming up. Another great way to find fee events and activities is you give us a call. We are always ready to share or local knowledge with you. 

Don't book a hotel

If you think about what you get for the cost of the average hotel room, it really isn't much. A nice condo or vacation rental gives yo a lot more square footage, better amenities and of course a huge selection of locations. I mean you can't cook a meal in a microwave or feed hungry teenagers from a mini-fridge. Take a look at our selection of homes and with think you will see dollar for dollar a vacation home is a fare better value. 

Looking for an easy way to save money and book your Topsail Island Beach vacation? If you are, the first step is to give us a call today at 800-497-5463 or click the button below to unlock the best deals and service on Topsail Island. Our dedicated team of real estate professionals are here to make your beach vacation dreams come true- all without breaking the bank!

10 Easy Ways to Save Money During Your Beach Vacation

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